We love Santa Cruz. Blake loves it so much he would move there in a heart beat. I don't love it quite enough to move there, but I sure love visiting and could easily go there several times a month. Blake's parents own a beach house at the Seascape Resort in Aptos, so it is nice to go over whenever we want and have a place to stay. Blake and I were married at Resurrection Catholic Church and our reception was at the Seascape Resort. It was beautiful. So obviously Santa Cruz always holds a special place in our hearts. There are so many things we love to do, see, and eat when we are there I thought I would share some of our favorites with you.

We love the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The kids love riding the rides, the beach is great and it is just so fun overall. Here are some pictures from our fun this weekend.

If you know me you know I have owned a million strollers.  I am obsessed with my Joovy Qool stroller.  It can be a single or double stroller and it is amazing.  You can read the blog post here about the stroller.

Our favorite is the Looff Carousel and trying to catch the rings to throw into the clown's mouth.

We love walking the Santa Cruz Wharf and seeing the sea lions. 

We love eating at Gayle's Bakery. It is a must for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Some days we seriously come multiple times a day. It is the best.

Regal Santa Cruz 9 is our favorite movie theater.  We took the kids to see Teen Titans Go!  To The Movies.  Carter has been counting down the days for this movie to come out.  

Village Host Pizza & Grill is always a must. The pizza and salad bar are amazing and the kids love the arcade games.

Palapas is a Mexican restaurant that we visit every time we go.

I love shopping in downtown Santa Cruz. They have best Gap and some fun little shops. One of my favorite home decor shops is Warmth Company. I also love Outside In and Outside In Kids (they are two separate stores right next to each other). 

The Farm Bakery & Cafe is great for eating and shopping.

Marini's Candies is always a good idea for a caramel apple or candy.

Panda Inn is great if you love Chinese food.

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