Double The Fun With Joovy

If you know me personally, you know I have owned A LOT of strollers since having Carter in 2011. I am here to share the new Joovy Qool with all of you.  It is the only stroller I will be using from now on and why you need it too. Families grow, kids change, and finally there’s a stroller that can keep up with my family and our travels. It is seriously amazing.

Built to last, the Qool can hold up to 110 lbs and seat up to three children, from newborns to toddlers. With optional extra seats, it’s never more than you want, and never less than you need, just get the accessories that suit your family. Whether you have twins or an open mind about the future, the Qool will adapt, and you’ll never have to buy another stroller again. 

Get ready to customize! You’re a family, and being together is everything, but it can also be overwhelming. Never compromise on making memories together with the stroller that grows and changes in every way you need it to. With space for up to three kids and weighing only 30 lbs, the Qool is the stroller designed to grow as your family does. With this stroller I can multitask and keep the kids contained and they are comfortable and love this stroller.

We recently took this stroller to Hawaii and it was absolutely perfect for our entire trip. We used it in the airport to keep the kids in their seats while we checked in our luggage and walked through security. It was simple to check the stroller at the gate and the stroller was perfect for our entire 10 days in Hawaii while we strolled to dinner and loaded it with all of our toys and things to take to the beach and all around Oahu.

This summer I will have both kids everyday since Carter is out of school, but when August rolls around and Carter is back in school everyday I can easily adjust my Qool from a double stroller to a single when I just have Kennedy. I love how easy it is to add or take off a seat and how simple it is to collapse and put in my car. You can even leave one seat on and collapse the stroller. 

You can switch the seats to face you, face outwards, or any other configuration in between. Your kids’ preferences change quickly, so the Qool does too. Let them sit where they want, no need for meltdowns. This stroller can change up to 50 different ways.

It is seriously the smoothest ride around. We had it on bumpy roads, sand, dirt, and more.  Thanks to the front suspension it was always a smooth ride for Carter and Kennedy.

The extra large storage is a dream. It is the biggest I have ever seen on any stroller. Between my diaper bag, toys, and more I was able to fit everything and still have room to spare. 

The big canopy for sun protection was so nice in Hawaii and all summer long.  It has an expandable canopy and it is also ventilated.

The seats can also go in full recline so when both or one of your kiddos get a sleepy just recline that seat and let them rest.

I also hate when the grips on other handlebars always split. This happens to me all the time. The Qool has a leatherette handlebar for a grip that doesn’t quit and split over time.  The handlebar is also a telescopic handlebar so you never have to hunch.  It is for moms of every size!  The Qool can be a single stroller, a double, or add a bench seat for a third child, it even has a comfy bassinet for newborns. It adapts to 10+ car seat models. Make sure you stay organized and add the parent organizer. I love that I can fit my iPhone, keys, kids' cups, snacks and more.

I also love how simple the brake is to use.  Just one press down with my foot on the pedal and the stroller locks into place.  I release the brake by just lifting the pedal up with my foot.  It is seriously so simple to use.

The Qool is a premium stroller that is reasonably priced and I love it.  So what are you waiting for?

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