DISNEY DOC MCSTUFFINS THE EXHIBIT AT The Children's Discovery Museum Of San Jose

I went to SJSU and Blake and I lived in the Bay Area for several years and I used to drive by the Children's Discovery Museum almost daily, but I never visited it until today. The Doc McStuffins Exhibit is visiting the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose June through September. My kids love Doc McStuffins and I thought it would be so fun to take them and explore everything the Children's Discovery Museum had to offer. We had such a fun day!

Carter and Kennedy are huge fans of Doc McStuffins. We were honored to visit this exhibit. It is not often that a television show can have such an impact on young children like Doc McStuffins does. Doc McStuffins has been on Disney Junior for six years and there is a lot more content to come in the next couple of years. Doc McStuffins has won a Peabody Award, an NAACP Award and has been an ambassador for Unicef, but her highest achievement is teaching children not to be afraid to go to the doctor and to inspire them to be anything they want to be!

The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital was just amazing. We were welcomed to McStuffinsville and my kids were smiling from ear to ear and just so excited. 

There was a reception area where you get started with Chilly at the toy hospital and answer phone calls and you could even put on a white coat and get to work as a doctor in training!

The Operating Room is where you met Doc and she helped you perform operations to fix toys that have boo boos. There was a washing station to wash your hands before entering the O.R. and a screen where Doc McStuffins guided you on what to do in the operating room.

Doctors use special tools for check ups and they had Doc McStuffins thermometers, stethoscopes, measuring tapes, otoscopes, bandages, blood pressure cuffs, syringes and so much more that kids could play with and practice using on their plush toy, doll or whatever they brought. With every activity Carter and Kennedy learned about care and compassion and the importance of health and their well being. Carter and Kennedy were able to perform check ups on their plush Stuffy and kitty Whiskers and diagnose their toys while learning about healthy habits. 

If you are interested to see where the Doc McStuffins Exhibit will be visiting next check out the schedule below. It will be in San Jose until September. Make sure you put it on your summer bucket list because your kids will not only love the Doc McStuffins Exhibit but they will love the entire museum.

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

The museum has an amazing gift shop. They have wonderful science items, books, and of course tons of Doc McStuffins merchandise.

The Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose is two stories full of amazing adventures for children of all ages. There is a art gallery, art loft, Bill's Backyard, bubbles, mammoth discovery, rainbow market, secret of circles, streets, a theater, water ways, wonder cabinet and more.

They also have a wonderful healthy kid friendly cafe.

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