I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

On Sunday we went to the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. We visited the Museum of Ice Cream in LA this past July and we were so excited to check out the one in SF because we heard it was totally different. We purchased tickets months ago. You have to purchase tickets online and way in advance. You cannot just show up to the Museum Of Ice Cream thinking you can just buy tickets at the door and visit the museum that day. It was so much fun and worth every penny, but Blake and I definitely preferred the LA museum.  You can read my blog post here about the Museum of Ice Cream in LA.  I recommend parking at the Ellis-O'Farrell Garage.  It is a great parking garage and it is right next to the Museum of Ice Cream in SF.

When you purchase your tickets you also have to select a certain time.  We selected 12pm.  When we arrived, there was a very long line outside the museum and we did not get to go inside until almost 12:30pm.  Just hanging out outside in SF (you all know I am scared of my own shadow) was not my favorite thing, especially with the kids.  They did not have a cute courtyard or hang out area like the one in LA.  The employees seemed just very disorganized.  The employees were also not as excited, happy, and friendly as the LA employees.  The LA employees are in every room, guiding you, answering questions, willing to take your picture, etc.  There were not employees in every room today and there was no one to take pictures or guide you.  I also love at the LA location they sold so many tickets per time slot and that is how many people were in your group (I think it is like 20 per 1/2 hour), so overall smaller groups in each room and you are not feeling crowded or overwhelmed or fighting for an area to take a picture.  Today they were already behind schedule so they were just letting people in, which resulted in bigger groups, it was crowded, and trying to get your picture or wait for a prop was just nuts.

Overall, we really had a good time.  I love being able to take the kids to fun things like this and experience new things together.  We had lots of ice cream, the kids tried cotton candy for the first time, we jumped in the sprinkle pool, and we were together - and really that is all that matters!  But, if you are asking my opinion, the drive to visit the one in LA is totally worth it! 

The Ice Cream Vault where all your dreams begin!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Behind us are little toy soldiers spray painted pink.

How cute is Kennedy's shirt?!  It is from Mochi Kids.  I am obsessed.  Amanda the owner is a mom of two and the designer.  Nearly all the materials used on the tees, mailers, and equipment is sourced in the USA and each shirt is hand screen printed by Amanda with non toxic water based inks in her home studio.  Check out Mochi Kids there are so many great designs and with the holidays coming up these would make the perfect gift!

Mochi Kids can be found on FB, IG, Etsy, and Pinterest

Blake and Kennedy playing ring toss.  You have to toss the rings over cans of whipped cream.

First time trying cotton candy!

In this room they gave you a package of Pop Rocks and I have never had Pop Rocks before and neither have the kids.  We still have not tried them yet.

Sprinkle Pool

They have 3 separate rooms with swings for your enjoyment at the end of the museum.

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