I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

On Saturday we went to the Museum Of Ice Cream in Los Angeles.  It is the closest I will ever come to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  It is located at 2018 E 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90021.  We purchased tickets months ago and have been counting down the days.  You have to purchase tickets online and way in advance.  You cannot just show up to the Museum Of Ice Cream thinking you can just buy tickets at the door and visit the museum that day.  It was so much fun and worth every penny.  I am going to give you a run down of each room, the ice cream, and more!

Get there early.  They ask you to arrive about 30 minutes prior to your time on your tickets.  We bought tickets for 11:30 am, so we got there around 11 am.  There are employees outside checking tickets and IDs (they have had lots of problems with people buying the tickets online and selling them for higher prices.  Do NOT buy those tickets because your name has to be on the tickets and you have to show ID).  There is a fun grassy area to play corn hole, ice cream checkers, hula hoops, jenga, and so much more.  Plus, fun music is playing and it just gets you so excited!  Also, there is valet parking for $6 and it so worth it.  There is not much going on around downtown where the museum is located so it is probably best to valet. 

The first room you enter is basically a welcome room.  They had a cute ice cream cart, but it was full of chocolate candies for you to take.  I personally think they should have had a worker behind the cart giving out a little sample of ice cream welcoming you to the museum.  The kids loved the chocolate candies though.  In this room they go over some rules and basically the only rule you need to remember is you can't go back, only forward.  So basically you can stay in each room as long as you want and take as many photos and eat as much ice cream as you want in each room, but once you leave the room to go to another room you can't go back to the previous room.  So take your time and enjoy each room to the fullest!

The next room was a pink room full of pink telephones. 

I love Kennedy's facial expressions!

The next room is the California room full of so many different walls and ice cream samples.


The next room is the banana room.  With scratch and sniff banana walls, swings, and pink and yellow bananas hanging everywhere!

When you have the best bananas in the bunch!

 The next room was a mint greenhouse room and they served mint ice cream.

It says Mint Life on the sign

The next room has a fun game, mirrors, cute walls and rainbows.

The Popsicle room was colorful and full of melting popsicles from floor to ceiling. 

The next room is the gummy bear room and it is colorful, full of giant gummy bears, and of course samples of gummy bears to eat!  My kids love gummy bears so they were so excited about this room.

The next room is small.  It has cones on the wall and they were handing out black licorice or black licorice candies.

The next room is the sprinkle pool!  I was so excited for this room.  You have to take your shoes off and they have lockers for your shoes and purses.  In every other room you can stay as long as you wanted.  No one ever rushed us and it was so nice.  In the sprinkle pool you only have a set number of minutes (I believe it is 2 minutes) in the pool and then an employee will tell you your time is up.  There were so many pictures I wanted to take of the kids in the sprinkle pool, but by the time you get in and check it all out and get comfortable and share the floaties and find an area where people are not in your photo your time is up.  So just be prepared and ready when you get to the sprinkle pool.  But it is so fun and Kennedy was just rolling around and laying in them (it was hilarious) we came home with lots of sprinkles in our toes, pants, and in her diaper!  Just a little souvenir! Just remember the sprinkles are plastic, not edible!



The next room is the last room.  They hand out ice cream sandwiches.  There is a ping pong table, a gift shop, a giant ice cream sandwich swing, and more.

My final thoughts are that I thought the whole experience was amazing.  It was even better than what I was imagining in my head.  I got so many great pictures, enjoyed ice cream, and the kids loved it and that is all that really matters.  I wish they offered you ice cream in every room or some kind of sample in each room.  Blake also wishes on the walls or maybe on TV screens in each room they gave you facts about ice cream, since it is called a museum after all.  Overall, it was awesome and I would totally go again.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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