Carter & Kennedy Are Champion Swimmers

Carter (5th year in a row) and Kennedy (2nd year) just finished swim lessons at Jan Thomas Swim School. Carter and I did "mommy and me" his first year and every year now he has had private lessons.  I love to watch him in our pool. He swims great and can roll over and catch his breath then roll back over and keep swimming.  He is amazing.  He also does strokes really well.  This was Kennedy's second year and I started her in privates last year.  I did not waste the money doing mommy and me with Kennedy.  She swims like a little fish in our pool and I am so thankful for Jan Thomas Swim School and their amazing instructors.  At the end of our 10 lessons we found out Jan Thomas Swim School will be closing.  They have been in business for 59 years.  I am already sweating about next year.  I don't think there is any swim school as good as Jan Thomas.  I am so grateful that my children got to go to the best of the best.  For some people it can be expensive, but you need to understand it is your child's safety in the water and making sure they learn the proper techniques of how to swim that is the most important and you can't put a price on that.  Thank you Jan Thomas.

I think this mama did pretty good!  I only missed one day of getting their picture together.