Wake Up Happier Every Day

This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand I love.  All opinions here are my own.

I struggle to get going in the morning (I am sure we all do) but I have implemented some strategies that make the a.m. easier. I would never call myself a morning person, but I have no choice. The alarm is set for 6am Monday through Friday. I have to get up and get myself ready, get Kennedy ready, get Carter ready for school, make Carter's lunch, make breakfast for everyone, and of course do a million other things around the house before we leave. Thankfully I have found some ways to make mornings less hectic and more enjoyable. I hope they bring you some peace and make your days happier and easier.

Be smarter about your alarm. I have my alarm clock (my iphone) next to my bed on my bedside table and I never press snooze. I set it, it goes off, and I get right up. You have to seriously lie to yourself. It is mind over matter, so just tell yourself you love mornings and you can't wait to start the day and you will convince yourself it is true. Just think of all the things you can accomplish by getting up and starting your day first thing in the morning.

Pull open the curtains or open the blinds. Light helps regulate melatonin, the hormone that tells our bodies when to wake and sleep. So the let those rays stream on in!

Get exercise. I feel energized when I am able to start my morning with a work out. But the reality is that I can't do it every day. I always do at least a couple of stretches while I am making the kids pancakes or waffles. I also try to do lunges when I am blow drying or styling my hair.

Shut off those devices. I know it is so hard to do! But, you will say you are going to check Instagram for just a minute and before you know it is midnight! Give yourself a curfew and maybe try reading a book instead.

Have bedding that you love. It is so important to have wonderful, soft, luxurious bedding. My Wamsutta PimaCott sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond are made of luxury pure pima cotton and just amazing to sleep on.  The pima cotton is even grown right here in the San Joaquin Valley of California.  I love our white set because they are so easy to launder, but they have several different colors.  The purity of the extra long and dense fibers makes PimaCott softer, more durable, and more vibrant than regular cotton.  It is never blended or contaminated.  It is the Wamsutta quality you expect and the luxuriousness you will enjoy for years to come.  

Bed Bath & Beyond has everything needed to create the bedroom of your dreams.  Aside from basic housewares, they have a huge selection of stylish accessories, decor, furniture, pillows and literally everything you could want for your entire house. It is very easy to purchase in-store or online and a great way to find unique products.  They even have ED by Ellen Degeneres. I adore Ellen Degeneres and Bed Bath & Beyond. I was very excited to select a whole new line of bedding for our master bedroom. I personally believe when you have bedding that you love - comfortable sheets, amazing pillows to sleep on - it just makes your entire sleep all around better. If you have a better night sleep, it will no doubt make your mornings happier. So, if you are in the need for new sheets, pillows, bedding, or anything else make sure you go to Bed Bath & Beyond. It is your one stop shop for literally everything you may need.

Also, make your bed every morning. I know what you are thinking... it is just gonna get unmade again tonight, I don't have time, no one is going to see it, etc. But I believe making your bed every morning starts your day off right and will help you accomplish more tasks throughout the day. It looks and feels better, and for me it sets a good example to my children as well.

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If you have any tips and tricks to becoming a morning person, I would love to hear them.