Paw Patrol Live

Paw Patrol is on a roll with a fantastic live show that visited Fresno yesterday and today.  Paw Patrol LIVE is based on the hit series Paw Patrol on Nick Jr. Each show brings everybody's favorite pups to the stage for an action packed, high energy, musical adventure. The show also includes an intermission and the pups show that "no job is too big, no pup is too small," sharing lessons for all ages about citizenship, social skills, and problem solving.  Carter and Kennedy loved the entire show and were so excited to see their favorite pups on stage.  They handed out free pom poms, which were fun to shake during the show.  The merchandise was fabulous; there was something for all ages and for boys and girls.  

We were lucky enough to have VIP and got to meet some of the characters after the show.  We were given Paw Patrol swag bags and they had a fabulous VIP area with red bean bag chairs for children to sit in and read Paw Patrol books, a huge green carpet full of Paw Patrol toys for all children to play with, and so much more!

Meeting Ryder

Meeting Cap'n Turbot 

Meeting Chase and Skye

If you have a chance don't miss the opportunity to see Paw Patrol Live!  You can see where it is coming next here.  

I just wanted to share something festive and fun that I did this morning for the kids to get them excited about Paw Patrol Live.  I printed out some coloring pages, printed out a Paw Patrol banner, bought shirts for them to wear to Paw Patrol Live, printed out some Paw Patrol masks for them to play with this morning, and put out some of their Paw Patrol toys.  They loved it all and it makes me so happy to do these things for Carter and Kennedy.

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