This is our 5th consecutive year sharing 31 Halloween costumes for the entire month of October. It is so fun to think of ideas, craft and come up with costumes all together as a family. You can see 2019 costumes here and 2020 costumes here 2021 costumes here and 2022 costumes here

The point of our costumes is to share ideas for couples, families or siblings, and they are supposed to be easy and fun. Most of the stuff we have around the house and just use and put together. There were a couple DIYs, some were purchased and some were gifted, but overall it was so much fun. 

Overall, I hope you enjoyed seeing the costumes every day on social media and hopefully it brought a laugh or smile to your face. I always like to keep things fun and crafty around here. My kids love to craft and I love when they use their imagination and it is always fun doing something together.