31 Halloween Costume Ideas

Tweedledee & Tweedledum

During the Summer of 2019 I had a great idea that for the month of October I would post a different costume every single day.  We love to dress up in this house and the kids are always in costumes when they play.  Plus, it was summer and I thought it would be a fun activity for us to think of costumes, craft costumes together, and come up with ideas and have fun all summer long.  It ended up being so much fun and I think the costumes were a hit in 2019.  This year 2020 has been quite interesting to say the least, so since we have spent most of the year at home we knew we had to do our 31 Halloween costumes again for October.  We started thinking of ideas, crafting and coming up with new costumes back in March.  I think this year's costumes turned out so good.  We had so much fun.  You can see 2019 costumes here.

The point of our costumes is to share ideas for couples, families or siblings, and they are supposed to be easy and fun.  Most of the stuff we have around the house and just use and put together.  There were a couple DIYs, some were purchased and some were gifted, but overall it was so much fun. I am already working on a list of costumes for next year! We will see if I can pull this off, so stay tuned for next year!

Overall, I hope you enjoyed seeing the costumes everyday on social media and hopefully it brought a laugh or smile to your face.  I always like to keep things fun and crafty around here.  My kids love to craft and I love when they use their imagination and it is always fun doing something together.


Hulk Hogan

Pizza slice and delivery boy

Astronaut and solar system
Snow White and dwarfs

The Witches Movie

Lilo and Stitch


Room On The Broom

High School Musical

Winnie The Pooh


Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu




Back To The Future

Harry Potter

Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck

Artemis Fowl

Britney and Justin

Super Mario Bros



Schitt's Creek


Beauty & The Beast

Jungle Cruise Skipper and Elephant

This year was basically BOO Sheet!  We dressed up as ghosts.

Happy Halloween from a Pokemon Trainer and JoJo Siwa!

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