Step right up to see the amazing and magnificent Patricio Family Circus!  These costumes were from Halloweencostumes.com

This is our 4th consecutive year sharing 31 Halloween costumes for the entire month of October. It is so fun to think of ideas, craft and come up with costumes all together as a family. You can see 2019 costumes here and 2020 costumes here and 2021 costumes here. We are already looking forward to next year! 

The point of our costumes is to share ideas for couples, families or siblings, and they are supposed to be easy and fun. Most of the stuff we have around the house and just use and put together. There were a couple DIYs, some were purchased and some were gifted, but overall it was so much fun. I am already working on a list of costumes for next year! We will see if I can pull this off, so stay tuned for next year!

Overall, I hope you enjoyed seeing the costumes every day on social media and hopefully it brought a laugh or smile to your face. I always like to keep things fun and crafty around here. My kids love to craft and I love when they use their imagination and it is always fun doing something together.

When it comes to Halloween we don't play! Unless, of course, our kids are dressed up as arcade games. Who wants to play The Claw Game and Wack A Kennedy?! These costumes were a total DIY and it was so fun to make them this summer with the kids.

It’s alriiiightttt cuz I’m Saved By The Bell! We had to throw it back to one of my all time favorite shows growing up. I have seen every episode and own the entire series. I always wanted to be Kelly Kapowski. I had the board game and so much merch. Did you watch this show growing up? Do you have a favorite episode?  These costumes were from Halloweencostumes.com

I'll take a pumpkin spice latte! We had to dress up in honor of one of our favorite places. Kennedy's costume was a total DIY! All you need is white poster board, a brown garbage bag, I printed out the label, lots of brown coffee filters, a paper towel roll, green felt and a head band. Carter's costume is from Target.

It is no secret how much we love LEGO in our house. We love building with LEGO, visiting LEGOLAND California and watching LEGO shows and movies. So this summer the kids created their own costumes. We already owned the green and red pajamas and with a little cardboard, solo cups, glue, and paint they made their very own LEGO brick costumes. This is so easy and perfect for a simple but fun Halloween costume.

We don't talk about Bruno! We love Encanto. It is a beautiful movie and always has us singing along to the songs. Kennedy's Mirabel dress and wig are from Halloweencostumes.com and her glasses are from Amazon. Carter's Bruno costume is from Amazon.

Celebrate Croc-tober with your favorite singing reptile! Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile! The movie is adorable and these costumes are from Target.  More about the movie here.

I knew I made a good choice! In what? My best friend. We love Mater and Lightning McQueen and they are best buds just like these two. These costumes are so easy and so comfortable. These costumes were from Halloweencostumes.com

Yabba Dabba Do! Meet the Flintstones! All 4 of these costumes were a DIY. I made Wilma's dress out of white fabric, the wig is orange felt, the necklace is white cotton balls. Betty's dress is made out of blue and black fabric, I glued a seashell in the middle, added a wig we already had and made a blue bow out of extra blue fabric. Fred's costume is orange, blue and black fabric. Barney's costume is brown fabric. These costumes were so easy to make and so fun.

Growing up, Blake and I both watched the Karate Kid movies and now we are obsessed with Cobra Kai on Netflix. We have watched all 5 seasons. It is so good. We had to dress the kids up as Johnny and Daniel. They have not seen the movies or the series, but they both put on these costumes and all of a sudden they thought they were black black belt experts in karate. It was so funny. I think they liked these costumes a lot. These costumes were from Halloweencostumes.com

So if your mom is my mom and my dad is your dad and we're both born on October 11th then you and I are like sisters. Sisters?! We are like twins!

Parent Trap is Kennedy's favorite movie. These costumes were a total DIY. I added green fabric on the edges of the white tee shirt. I found the Camp Walden logo online, printed it on transfer paper and ironed them on our shirts. I made our green shorts out of fabric and printed out the famous Parent Trap wedding photo and ripped it down the middle. These costumes were so easy and fun to make. Who is ready to go to camp?! I know we will be eating OREOs with peanut butter and watching Parent Trap this afternoon.

What are pirates afraid of on Halloween?! The darrrrrk! These costumes were from Target.

Basketball is our favorite sport. We like they dribble up down the court! Can you name the song this lyric comes from? These costumes are from Target and they were so fun. I mean, how cute is that sweet girl as a basketball?! Do you have a favorite sport?

Cowabunga! We're lean, we're green, and we're mean! Anyone else grow up loving TMNT?! Blake and I were huge fans as kids and I can't believe they are still around. A new movie was recently released on Netflix. These costumes were a total DIY. Both kids had green pajamas, we used orange, red and brown felt, spray painted our turtle shells brown using foil oven roast pans from the grocery store and added our cool Sun Staches for Raphael and Michelangelo. Did you have a favorite TMNT growing up?

These two transported right out of a Sega game! These Sonic and Tails costumes are comfortable, warm, and my kids love wearing them. We are loving these Funko Pop masks too. Costumes and masks are from Disguise.

It’s scrumdidilyumptious! Welcome to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. These costumes were from Halloweencostumes.com

We underdogs have to look out for each other, right? These costumes are inspired by one of our favorite Pixar movies, Luca. The Alberto and Luca costumes are from Halloweencostumes.com and Disguise and Giulia is a total DIY.

Buzz Lightyear to star command, we are ready for Halloween! You can watch Lightyear on Disney+ and these costumes are from Disguise and available Target.

The sultan of swat, the titan of terror, the colossus of clout, the king of crash. The Great Bambino! Sandlot is a family favorite and these costumes were a complete DIY since we owned everything we needed. I made Kennedy's red bathing suit and she made the cutest Wendy Peffercorn.

You might not blend in, but you will sure stand out in a Where's Waldo costume this Halloween. These costumes are from Disguise and are so simple and comfortable. The kids have always loved Where's Waldo books and these costumes were so fun!

Fish are friends, not food! The Nemo and Dory costumes are DIY and the shark costumes are from Target.

L.O.L Dolls From Disguise

What do spiders like to do on computers? Make WEBsites! These costumes were a DIY.

The whole gang's here. Charlie Brown along with Sally, Linus, and Peppermint Patty. These costumes were a DIY and we had everything in our closets.

We can't wait to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The movie comes out November 11th. We are such huge fans of Black Panther and the kids saw these costumes Target and had to have them. They have been wearing them non-stop and playing in them.

Welcome to Jurassic Park. We recently showed the kids all the Jurassic Park movies and they loved them. It was so fun to re-watch all of them and see the newest movie this summer. Costumes are from Disguise.

I'm Meilin Lee. Ever since I turned 13, I wear what I want, say what I want - 24/7, 365! We love Turning Red. You can watch it on Disney+ It is about the importance of family, friendship, and learning to be comfortable in your own skin as you mature, change, and grow. Pixar and Disney show how to deal with important topics in a fun way. I think all kids will love it, while adults are going to relate to the issues of growing up.  These costumes are from Disguise.

Last year we shared different Disney foods and we are doing it again. We can't help but love Disney foods. Do you have a favorite Disney treat? It’s so hard to choose. These costumes were totally a DIY and we made them all together and it was so fun! Next time you are in the parks what will you eat first?!

Run the daily news on your island as Isabelle or operate the village store and collect bells as Tom Nook. The kids are obsessed with Animal Crossing, so we had to dress as two of our favorite Animal Crossing characters. Grab your bells and don't miss out on these super cute costumes from Disguise.

My Halloween guilty pleasure was going to 123,509 McDonalds until I collected ALL the Halloween BOO Buckets. Thank you to my sister for finding the pumpkin that I could not locate. I felt it was only right that we dress as BOO Buckets since for the last two weeks we have been hunting for them and eating way too much McDonalds.  This idea is a total DIY and only requires poster board, a black marker and stapler. Grab those kiddos, draw on some faces, color and spend some quality time together.

We have dressed up all month long, shared costume ideas and have had so much fun! Hopefully we kept you entertained! Wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween from Jigglypuff and Bulbasaur.

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