31 Halloween costumes For Couples & Families

This is our third consecutive year sharing 31 Halloween costumes for the entire month of October.  It is so fun to think of ideas, craft and come up with costumes all together as a family.  You can see 2019 costumes here and 2020 costumes here.  We are already looking forward to next year!  These Pokemon costumes are from Disguise.

The point of our costumes is to share ideas for couples, families or siblings, and they are supposed to be easy and fun. Most of the stuff we have around the house and just use and put together. There were a couple DIYs, some were purchased and some were gifted, but overall it was so much fun. I am already working on a list of costumes for next year! We will see if I can pull this off, so stay tuned for next year!

Overall, I hope you enjoyed seeing the costumes everyday on social media and hopefully it brought a laugh or smile to your face. I always like to keep things fun and crafty around here. My kids love to craft and I love when they use their imagination and it is always fun doing something together.

My kids are obsessed with Bluey on Disney Junior. Bluey is an Australian animated television series for preschoolers and you can find it on Disney Junior and Disney+. Bluey is a puppy with a big imagination and a joyous approach to life, just like we encourage in our children. Like Blake and I, Bluey's mom and dad are actively engaged with their kids, spending time doing things their pups want to do. It is one of our favorite shows and I will even catch myself watching it when the kids aren't even in the room! It was not even a question that we had to make Bluey and Bingo costumes this year! This was so easy! These Bluey costumes were a DIY. You can watch the tutorial here.

These Zootopia costumes were a DIY. Kennedy had the blue pants, blue shirt, bunny ears and feet, knee pads and police cuffs. We made her police vest out of felt and printed out a badge. Carter had the pants, shoes, shirt, and we had the fox ears, tail and gloves. We made the tie out of felt and added leaves on his shirt.

Marinette and Cat Noir are ready for Halloween. Are your kids obsessed with this show on Disney Channel? Carter and Kennedy love this show. These costumes were a total DIY. Kennedy had a red shirt, red leggings, red socks for her feet and red mittens for her hands. We made her mask out of red felt and used black felt for around her neck and made ladybug spots out of black felt. For Carter, he had a black shirt, black pants, black socks, and black mittens. We made his cat ears out of paper and made the mask and tail out of black felt. We also added a yellow bell that I printed. If your kids love Miraculous these costumes were so easy to put together.

We love Roger Rabbit and these costumes were so fun to put together. For Jessica Rabbit (Kennedy) we had the red wig, purple gloves, I used red fabric we had for her dress and we had the black shoes. For Roger Rabbit (Carter) we had a bunny costume, so we used the head piece, gloves and booties from the bunny costume, we had the red pajama pants, and made the bowtie, suspenders and orange hair piece out of felt. These costumes were so fun to make and easy to put together.

These Inside Out costumes were a complete DIY. Kennedy had the yellow dress and together we painted blue flowers on it like Joy's dress in the movie and the Sunstaches made her costume complete! Carter had the shoes, socks, pants, shirt and we made his tie with felt and his costume was complete with his Anger Sunstaches.  We love Sunstaches because they make every costume complete.

These Disney Zombie costumes are from Disguise.

Pac Man Costumes were a DIY and all you need is poster board!

We love Looney Tunes.  Kennedy's bunny costume is from Halloween Costumes.  Carter owned the red PJs and we made the green skirt with paper, I owned the brown jumpsuit and our glasses are all from Sunstaches.

  Our Space Jam jerseys are also from Halloween Costumes.

These Pluto & Goofy costumes are completely DIY. We owned everything and just pulled things from both kids' closets. We made the collar for Pluto and I found some yellow fabric for Goofy's vest and the Pluto and Goofy Sunstaches totally made these costumes. 

These Onward costumes are from Disguise

Ratatouille is a favorite in our house. We love that the movie is about taking risks, following your dreams and standing up for what you believe in. These costumes were so easy to put together. This was a total DIY since we owned everything already. For Linguini (Carter) we used a wig from a Wreck It Ralph costume, we owned the white jacket, white chef hat, pot and spoon. For Remy (Kennedy) we owned the grey sweat suit, grey socks, mouse ears and nose, and chef hat.

These Muppet costumes were so easy to put together. Kennedy already owned the crown, pink dress, shoes, boa, wig, and pearls. We added a pig nose and she was complete. Carter already owned the green pajamas, so we used green socks on his feet and hands. I used green felt around his neck and I used green fabric to make his hat and picked up 1 styrofoam ball and cut it in half and glued it on the hat to make the eyes. I used black felt for the center of the eyes. Honestly, this was so easy to put together with a little bit of creativity.

These Ghostbuster costumes were from Target

Bingo Bango! These 4 Big City Green costumes were all DIY. I already had the red wig, tank top, jeans, and boots. I printed out a belt buckle and added some fancy art to my arm just like Nancy. Blake had the shirt, jeans, boots, hat and we just added a large pillow for his belly so he looked like Bill. Carter had the shirt, jeans, and we added some denim fabric and buttons to make overalls and some felt to make sure his hair looked like Cricket. Kennedy had the dress and shoes. We made a wig using black felt, used felt for the bib on her dress and printed out a photo of Saxon.

These robot costumes are from Target

These Mickey Pumpkin costumes of course were a total DIY. Just some orange poster board, yellow & green paper and glue!

We love the movie The Princess And The Frog. Tiana is hard working, ambitious, hopeful and focused. These are qualities I hope both Carter and Kennedy admire when we watch this movie. Kennedy already owned the Tiana dress. It is from Target. We made the crown and Carter already had the green pajamas and green socks for his feet and hands and we printed out a frog mask. 

The Raya costume is from Target.  We made Raya's hat and the Tuk Tuk and Sisu costume.

These mummy costumes are from Target.

These Avengers costumes are from Halloween Costumes.

Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes? Are you a fan of the Indiana Jones franchise or the ride at Disneyland? These costumes were so easy to put together and so much fun.  They were a DIY. 

These Sword in the Stone costumes were completely DIY. For Carter, we already owned the red robe, khakis, and some yellow fabric for him to be Wart. For Blake we owned the white wig and white fur fabric for the beard. I purchased some blue fabric and we made him a robe and hat for him to be Merlin the Magician. For Kennedy to be the sword we made the entire sword and stone out of poster board. I was the owl and I owned the dress, brown fabric, shoes and made the owl mask out of felt.

Hocus Pocus is a classic and family favorite! My costume is from Party City.  We made the cat and book costume.

These Addams Family costumes were a DIY.  We literally had everything in our closets.

Robin Hood is a classic and we love this movie. These costumes were a DIY. I found the masks online and printed them on card stock. For Carter, we made his hat out of paper, we had the green shirt, pants and belt. With green felt we made some boots and bought the fur at Jo-Ann. For Kennedy, I purchased some fabric and made her dress and head piece.

These Disney snacks costumes were a DIY.  All you need is some poster board.

These Hotel Transylvania costumes are from Halloween Costumes.

These Monsters INC costumes are from Halloween Costumes.

These Moana costumes are from Halloween Costumes.

Happy Halloween from a black cat, Grookey, and two skeletons

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