Update On Kennedy

So many of you have asked about our sweet Kennedy and I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate you asking, praying, and thinking of our sweet girl. If you are new around here in 2015 Kennedy's small intestines were twisted and the medical term is Malrotation with Meckel's Diverticulum (this only happens to 2% of children). She needed emergency surgery right away and we were at Valley Children's Hospital for 8 days (you can read more about her 2015 surgery here). In 2019 Kennedy's small intestines were completely blocked because it was wrapped around a small piece of scar tissue that developed from her first surgery and she was rushed immediately into surgery. We were there for 7 days (you can read more about her 2019 surgery here). Since 2019 we have really kept a close eye on Kennedy.  She has check ups with her GI specialist and has a whole team at Valley Children's Hospital. Kennedy has to give blood samples, have x-rays, ultra sounds, CT scans, tests on her bowel movements and more several times each year. Kennedy seemed to be doing really well until December 2020. 

 In December 2020 Kennedy started not feeling well.  She threw up one night and started to have constant stomach aches every day.  We had lots of conversations and facetime calls with her GI specialist and surgeons. She only threw up that one night in December, but after that she never quite got back to normal. She didn't have an appetite, her stomach hurt, she was uncomfortable, etc. We ran test after test and everything came back crystal clear. We could not figure out what was wrong. She was losing weight, had no energy and could basically not do anything other than sit down with a heating pad on her stomach most days. Thank God we were home, she was doing distance learning and Blake and I were trying to figure out what was wrong with our sweet girl.

 Everything changed in July 2020. At the beginning of July I was working with HBO Max promoting the movie Space Jam. The kids were so excited. We were invited to a special event in LA and I really wanted to go. I felt like both kids, but especially Carter, had been missing out on so much due to the pandemic and with Kennedy not feeling well, so we decided to go. The morning of the event Kennedy woke up so sick. She was throwing up and in tremendous pain, so Blake immediately rushed her to LA Children's Hospital. We were stuck in LA for over a week, but it was the best outcome we could have hoped for. LA Children's Hospital was amazing. Their staff, facility, and everything was amazing. We found out at LA Children's Hospital that Kennedy was possibly suffering from SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) likely as a side effect of her two previous surgeries and that was what was literally causing Kennedy to throw up, lose weight, and feel so sick.

We were released from LA Children's Hospital and immediately came home and had Kennedy tested for SIBO at Valley Children's Hospital. She tested positive and eventually needed to be hospitalized again because of the extreme amount of pain she was in. Kennedy was put on a lot of different medications to figure out would work to get rid of the SIBO since it can be so difficult to treat. Some medications made her feel worse, but we finally figured out some that worked for her. We also changed not only her diet, but our entire family's diet. In order for SIBO to survive and live it feeds off carbs and sugar. So we are very careful with Kennedy's sugar intake and try to stick to low carb and gluten free items in our household. Kennedy's latest tests in December 2021 showed no SIBO. Her specialists say she is considered in "remission". She will continue to stay on medication and we will watch what she eats and her activity because SIBO could always come back.

Overall Kennedy is doing very well. She still has occasional stomach pain and discomfort, but she is finally gaining weight. She has energy, she is eating, dancing, and back to her funny self. We are beyond proud of all of her accomplishments and I wanted brag a little bit about my baby girl today on the blog. I tell her all the time she is the strongest little girl I know. She has been through two surgeries, spent weeks staying in hospitals, giving blood, having CT Scans, x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds and more.  I am very thankful for all of the medical professionals who have been helping Kennedy get healthy again.

Thank you so much to all of you who are always asking about our girl and keeping her in your prayers.

This was from December 2020 is when Kennedy started to get sick.  You can see the garbage can next to her.  She was so excited about her clip on earrings.

In May she turned 7 and we had a Hello Kitty party at home.

We were invited to LEGO Movie World opening in May.  She was so excited.

In June she finished 1st grade.

As a family we watched every single Marvel movie in chronological order.  To say we are fans is an understatement.  We are obsessed.  We drove to Las Vegas to Avengers Station.  It was so fun.

She got to interview Captain Marvel herself Brie Larson!

In July she ended up spending a week at LA Children's Hospital. 

She had a hospital stay at the beginning of August at Valley Children's Hospital.  She was there for a week.

She started 2nd grade.  She loves school.  She has so many friends and it just makes my heart burst everyday when she gets in the car and can't wait to tell me all about her day.

In the fall she had her usual tests.

In October we went to Disneyland, DCA and Avengers Campus!  Check out her jump!  Spider man would be proud!

She was a cat for Halloween

Disney Zombies is her favorite

She wears berets everyday and begs me to take her to Paris.  We also went to Disneyland again.  She had to have this beret with little Minnies all over it.

More tests and check ups in November and December.  We are so happy and praise GOD that her SIBO is gone and she is in remission.  

We went to Universal Studios for Grinchmas and of course took a pic with Hello Kitty.

She had the best Christmas

She loves American Girl

We are praying for a healthy 2021.  Thank you again for all of your prayers, support and for always thinking of our Kennedy.