In November of 2015 we spent 8 days at Valley Children's Hospital with Kennedy. You can read about it here. She had her first intestine surgery. Kennedy's intestines were twisted and the medical term is Malrotation with Meckel's Diverticulum (this only happens to 2% of children). After her first surgery we were told there could possibly be a chance that they could twist again, but it is very unlikely. Honestly, we went home and lived our lives these last few years and did not really think anything of it. Sure, Kennedy had check ups and everything seemed fine and she never complained of tummy issues, so we really thought everything was fine.

On Saturday, Feb 9th Kennedy started to get sick. She had a bad cough and runny nose. We went to the doctor on Monday, Feb 11th and found out she had RSV. We went home and started nebulizer treatments 3 times a day and a cough medicine at night. She seemed to be doing great by Friday and we thought things were turning around and our little love bug was feeling better, but Saturday night she woke up around 10 pm screaming that her belly button hurt. She would not stay in my arms, she was crying out of control, and just not acting herself. We rushed her to Valley Children's Hospital. After an X-ray and ultrasound they came to the conclusion that she was constipated. Kennedy has always had frequent bowel movements, so I just did not believe it. They insisted on giving her an enema, zofran, and motrin. She immediately calmed down and had a bowel movement. We were discharged from the ER at 5am because they thought it was just constipation and she needed a laxative. We arrived home Sunday morning and basically rested all day at home. Kennedy slept the entire day. Either in the living room in my arms, in her bed, or the bean bag in the living room. She just would wake up long enough to switch positions or places. I tried to feed her an applesauce during the day and she threw it up and she threw up again before bed and her vomit was liquid brown (like soda/cola). Blake and I knew if you throw up the color brown it could mean a blockage in the intestine. We immediately went back to Valley Children's Hospital Sunday evening. We were admitted right away since we were there the night before and I was not playing around this time. I demanded an IV, blood draw, CT scan, and an Upper GI. They immediately gave Kennedy an IV, drew blood, and a CT scan was performed. The CT scan came back and showed that Kennedy's small intestines were completely blocked because it was wrapped around a small piece of scar tissue from her first surgery and she was rushed immediately into surgery. Her surgery lasted over 3 hours. It was the longest 3 hours of my entire life.

Dr. Sanchez was her surgeon and he was amazing. He works closely with Dr. Pierce who was Kennedy's first surgeon. They removed 3 feet of Kennedy's small intestine. She only has 5 feet left, which is a little scary. Monday after surgery she slept all day and night. Tuesday she was feeling a little better and was not allowed to drink or eat anything. She had to start walking to build up her energy, muscles, etc. Wednesday was a bad day. She was in lots of pain and needed to be put on Morphine. Morphine slows down bodily functions and made Kennedy very sleepy, but she needed the rest. On Thursday she was allowed to eat yogurt, applesauce, jello and drink water.

 Each day there was some sort of excitement. Tuesday morning she pulled the tube out of her nose that was going down her throat into her stomach and was pumping out extra fluid from the surgery. She hated that tube and grabbed it and yanked it out of her nose when nobody was looking. I thought I was literally going to be sick. They discussed putting it back in and possibly having to put her under to put the tube back in, but they decided against it (Thank GOD). On Tuesday she also got her catheter removed, which was so nice.

We are now home from Valley Children's Hospital.  We were there 6 days (7 days if you count Saturday).  Kennedy is still recovering at home and resting. She is eating well, but still has some discomfort. She gets the bandages removed at her follow up appointment, so I will update again on our sweet little girl after her appointment. She has been through so much.

 Blake and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for Kennedy, to those who took time out of their own lives to come visit us in the hospital and bring gifts, meals, flowers, balloons, pray with us and just show up to show their love and support. You have no idea what it meant to us.  Thank you John Richardson for coming to the hospital and praying over Kennedy.  She is still talking about how you sang the Fancy Nancy theme song to her.  You have no idea how much that visit meant to us. Most importantly, thank you Steve and Nikki (my in-laws) for putting your lives on hold, dropping everything on Saturday rushing to our house and staying to help take care of Carter while we were in the hospital with Kennedy. Thank you again for all the prayers and love! Thank you to my sister, Ashley for rushing over on Saturday and Sunday while we ran out the door to attend to Kennedy and watching Carter until Steve and Nikki arrived.  Thank you Ashley for the visits, dinners, and keeping my mind on other things like celebrity gossip instead of just talking about intestines all the time.

Since this has now happened twice to our precious baby girl, we have decided to try and find a specialist who can evaluate Kennedy's case and give us some direction going forward.  Cincinnati Children's Hospital has the best GI department and Boston Children's Hospital is #1 in the USA.  We really are determined to find the best of the best doctors who specialize in gastrointestinal issues like Kennedy's.  It is very scary as a mother to see your child in pain, have two intestinal surgeries before the age of 5 and know that there is a possibility there could be more surgeries and she only has 5 feet of small intestine left to work with. It is so important because you can't live without your small intestine.  I really hope and pray this does not happen again.  Please continue to keep Kennedy in your thoughts and prayers.

This was Sunday night right when we got admitted and they gave her an IV and covered it with a pink sleeve.  She was a champ when they gave her the IV and they drew blood.  Not a single tear was shed!

This was right after surgery.  My best friend Sophie arrived with food, things for Kennedy and more.  I love you Sophie more than you will ever know.

Thank you Lynne, Patricios, and Motichkos!

Thank you Michael and Ashley

Thank you to everyone who sent balloons.  Honestly she loved them all and they made the room colorful and cheerful.  Thank you Ahlems for the Fancy Nancy goodies!

Thank you Krugh Family

Thank you Richardson Family

Thank you Suzelle, Terri, and Donna for the balloons and kitty cat!  Whats funny is Kennedy's favorite animals are cats and these ladies had no idea.  But she was so excited when it arrived.

Getting some rest.  Our favorite nurse Tess wrapped Kennedy's arm with this pink tape with purple hearts and wrapped Fancy Nancy's arm too to match Kennedy's IV arm.

Our favorite nurse Tess gave Kennedy her own custom decorated stethoscope before she left.

When Spencer Moss writes Kennedy a message!  She is the voice of Jojo on Disney Junior Fancy Nancy.  Honestly Blake and I cried reading this message and the hundreds of others that came pouring in each day!  We love you all.

Kennedy's favorite wall when she had to walk the hospital floors.

Keeping Kennedy busy all day in the hospital was tough.  Thank God for LOL dolls and arts and crafts.

Our favorite nurse Tess to the rescue again.  She printed out Fancy Nancy coloring pages on her computer for Kennedy.  Have I mentioned she was our favorite and I wanted to take her home with us?!

Kennedy got a doctor Barbie.  I loved Barbies when I was little.

This was her surgeon Dr. Sanchez.  I am forever grateful to him for keeping my baby girl alive, taking her pain away and being there for us this week.  I am thankful for his knowledge, love, support, and kindness.  He came every day to check on Kennedy and answer all of our questions and teach us so much about her small intestine.