Our Stay At Children's Hospital With Kennedy

Let me start by saying 3 years ago we were admitted to Valley Children's Hospital with our son Carter.  We were there the same month (November) right around the same time.  With Carter we were even there on Thanksgiving.  You can read about Carter's story by clicking here.

On October 30th when we got home from Disneyland Kennedy threw up.  Blake and I were shocked.  She had never thrown up and we did not know if it was a little flu bug, car sickness, or just a little icky tummy.  She was fine when she woke up the next day on Halloween (Saturday) and the following two days (Sunday and Monday), but starting on Tuesday November 2nd she started vomiting again off and on throughout the day and night.  The vomiting continued periodically throughout the week.  I took her to see her pediatrician twice (Thursday Nov 5th and Friday Nov 6th) and both days they just told me she had a bad flu bug.  On Sunday, November 8th the vomiting continued, so we took Kennedy to Valley Children's for the first time.  We stayed in the ER at VC for about 4 hours and after running a few tests and putting her on an IV they told us that she was dehydrated and she just had a bad flu bug and sent us home.  The next few days she started to seem a little better, but by the weekend the vomiting returned, Kennedy was really weak, not babbling, playing, and just overall unhappy.  Since this had been going on for more than 2 weeks, I knew something was seriously wrong and it was more than a flu bug.

On Sunday, November 15th we went back to the ER at VC and we were admitted into the hospital.  Kennedy had lost 6 pounds, she was weak, could not eat or drink, she could barely walk, play, or talk.  After running several tests on Monday and Tuesday we found out that Kennedy's small intestines were twisted and the medical term is Malrotation with Meckel's Diverticulum (this only happens to 2% of children).  Kennedy would need surgery to fix this problem.  The twisting in the intestines were the problem, which is why Kennedy could not keep food down and was not feeling well this whole time.  I want to add that I demanded a CT scan the moment we were admitted into the hospital.  I knew a CT scan had a lot of radiation and can be dangerous, but I knew it was the best way to see all of Kennedy internally.  The doctors were against doing a CT scan on Monday and finally on Tuesday we did it and found out about her intestines.  This goes to show that you are the only advocate for your child!  If you want something done then you need to make it happen, because they do not know your child.  If I never pushed for the CT scan I have no idea where we would be today.

Kennedy had surgery the morning of Thursday November 19th.  It was a long procedure (over 3 hours).  Our surgeon Dr. Pierce was amazing.  He fixed her intestines and even took out her appendix because she really does not need it and it is one less thing for this mama to worry about the rest of her life.  Kennedy's recovery was tough.  She could only drink water Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday she could eat soft baby foods.  She had to walk the hospital floors to prove she could and she hated every minute of it.  She also needed to pass gas and poop before they would release her.  But on Monday November 23rd we were finally released from VC!  We were there for 8 days.

Kennedy is still recovering at home and resting.  She is on two antibiotics to help prevent infections.  She is eating well, but still in a lot of pain.  She gets the bandages removed at her follow up on December 18th, so I will update again on our sweet little girl after her appointment.  She has been through so much in the last month.  Blake and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for Kennedy, to those who took time out of their own lives to come visit us in the hospital and bring gifts, meals, gift cards, pray with us and just showed up to show their love and support, you have no idea what it meant to us.  Thank you to everyone for dropping meals off at our house and still coming and visiting since we have been home and showing your love and support.  I am so thankful for all of you.  Thank you John Richardson for coming to the hospital (on your birthday!) and offering to pray over Kennedy.  You have no idea how much that meant to us.  Most importantly, thank you Steve and Nikki (my in laws) for putting your lives on hold, dropping everything on Sunday November 15th, rushing to our house and staying 8 days taking care of Carter while we were in the hospital with Kennedy.  Thank you again for all the prayers and love!  We are feeling extra thankful this Thanksgiving.  It is nice to be out of the hospital at home together as a family.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This was one of our first days at VC when Kennedy was hooked up to all of the monitors and IV fluids.

Thank you Ahlem Family for the balloons and adorable little piggy.

Thank you LuLu, Garrett, AVP, Taylor, Peyton, and Bryce for the flowers and elephant

 Kennedy resting after surgery

Walking the hospital floors (she hated this)

Thankful for all my friends who visited and brought meals, gifts, and treats.  I only got a picture with Sophie and Nina, but I love all of you who came and took time out of your day to visit.

Kennedy got taken off her fluids and meds for a little bit and got to go outside and play at VC.  Papa Steve brought Carter to visit that day.

This is after a total of 4 IVs, lots of blood being taken and being picked and probed at by so many nurses and doctors.  Her hands are so sensitive still.

Feeling a little better a couple days after surgery, playing with the toy kitty Papa Steve brought