Our stay at Children's Hospital With Carter

Happy Thanksgiving! We brought Carter home today from Children's Hospital after being there for 3 nights. Thank you everyone for the prayers, text messages, phone calls, visits, and just thinking of us. We really appreciate all of the support. Last Wednesday Carter was running a fever so I made an appointment to see his pediatrician and we were informed that Carter had an ear infection in his left ear. We went home with medicine and everything was fine. On Friday Carter had a check up and his ear was looking much better and he was due for his MMR shot, which he received. By Saturday evening Carter looked like Frankenstein. He had a very large neck with very swollen glands behind his ears. We called the doctor on call and he did not seem concerned and said possibly Carter was having a little reaction to the shot and/or his ear infection. We did not worry and let the rest of Saturday and Sunday go by. On Monday morning Carter was not himself, seemed very uncomfortable and he was running an increasingly high fever. I called his pediatrician and they sent me straight to Children's Hospital. Monday was full of blood tests, different doctors and nurses trying to figure out what was wrong with Carter, Carter getting an IV, an ultrasound of his neck, and lots of waiting and worrying, which was no fun. At the end of the day, they decided to admit us into the hospital and keep Carter over night for more tests. It was very emotional and I never thought I would be at Valley Children's with Carter. Monday night of course we did not sleep and either did Carter. A strange place, different noises and smells, nurses coming in every hour to check vitals... it was just awful. On Tuesday they wanted to do a CT Scan of Carter's neck but we got bumped due to other children at the hospital who were in more critical condition than Carter. Of course I was upset, emotional, tired and everything else you can possibly imagine. Of course I think Carter is the most important since he is my child and not getting to do the scan on Tuesday meant another day of waiting with no results. Tuesday night was not any better... no sleep, nurses checking Carter's vitals every hour, the noises, the smells, and just being uncomfortable and cold and missing home very very much. Early Wednesday morning we were told that Carter was getting squeezed in for his CT Scan and we were so grateful and happy to possibly get some answers but very very concerned for our little boy. The CT Scan comes with a lot of radiation and they had to give Carter some medication to really relax him so he would not move on the bed. This was very hard for Blake and I to see our poor baby just laying there basically lifeless and praying for the results or answers we wanted to hear that this was just basically a little bacteria or viral thing and it would pass with medication. We did not want to hear the word surgery. Unfortunately after the CT Scan they could see it was a bad infection in his lymph nodes with puss pockets on both sides on his neck. Carter could not fight off the infection and and would have to have surgery immediately to drain the abscesses. Blake and I were so emotionally upset. They took Carter right away into surgery and removed all of the infection and puss. Overall surgery went very well and Wednesday Carter slept most of the day and relaxed in my arms. He has 2 little incisions on both sides of his neck behind his ears. He is healing and doing very well. We were told after surgery to plan on staying through the weekend so they could keep an eye on Carter and his incisions. Wednesday night was actually a much better night. We slept well and had the most amazing night nurse. We woke up this morning very sad that we were in the hospital on Thanksgiving and not with family. When the surgeon came in to check on Carter she looked closely at his neck and incisions and told us Carter looked great and as long as we are careful and keep up on his medication and clean his incisions we could go home today. I immediately begin to cry. Within a couple of hours Carter's IV was taken out, we went over everything on how to care for our brave little boy and we were sent home. A very thankful and Happy Thanksgiving to us! We spent the rest of the day relaxing and visiting with Blake's parents and grandparents who came to bring us a Thanksgiving meal and see our precious son. We are beyond grateful to be home in our own bed tonight to shower in our own shower and just be home with our healthy baby boy. We always take for granted the little things in life like the health of our family and friends. I am just beyond thrilled to be home. I can't get the smile off my face and neither can Carter. I think he is just happy to have his arms free and no one poking and probing at him. Thank you again for all the prayers, visits, messages, meals, and everything. We appreciate it all. After you read this, go give your baby, babies, little kids, big kids, anyone you love or care about a kiss tonight and be thankful they are healthy and you are not at the hospital. We were the lucky ones who were able to leave today but there are children and parents who may never leave that place and seeing those children and parents the last couple of days really puts life into perspective. I am so very thankful.

This is the crib Carter had to sleep in

Carter after surgery on Wednesday