Sophie's Cookie Exchange

This past weekend I attended my sweet friend Sophie's 7th annual cookie exchange. I have to admit I did not bake the 2 dozen biscotti that I brought. I bought them and they were super yummy! I really enjoy cooking, but baking... not so much. Anyways, the cookie exchange was at Sophie's house. I can't even begin to describe Sophie in words. I met her through my friend Annie, and Sophie and I had an instant connection. We have so many things in common and she always has the biggest smile on her face, which I LOVE! She is an amazing friend! She is completely genuine and I love that about a girlfriend! Sophie's house is beautiful. Her Christmas decorations and her tree were just gorgeous. I met so many wonderful ladies, had some delicious appetizers, and brought home some amazing cookies! It was a very fun girls night and I had a great time. Thank you Sophie for including me!