We recently got back from spending 8 days in Oahu.  We go to Hawaii at least once a year and I feel like I have become a professional at figuring out what to pack for Hawaii, so I wanted to share a few packing tips with all of you.

When I fly, comfort is most important. I always wear a pair of Lululemon leggings, a tee-shirt and flip flops. I always pack a pair of socks in my bag in case my feet get cold on the flight and I always bring a sweatshirt. This sweatshirt from Chaser Brand was perfect for our Oahu trip. The clothes are always ultra soft. They are a little rock 'n roll, hip, and just so so cool. Designed in Los Angeles, inspired by icons of generations past, the collection is consistently looking forward. Fit, fabrication, hand feel and construction all reign supreme. Dressed up or dressed down, Chaser Brand remains the authority on cool, in my opinion.  I really do love Chaser Brand and all of their clothing not only for myself, but for Carter and Kennedy too.

Bathing suits (duh): In my own backyard I will strut around in a bikini, but with family and the general public I like a one piece. But not just any old one piece... I want a cute printed one piece and I wanted to share a few with you that I wore on the trip. I always pack a couple cover ups too. Don't forget a good full coverage sun hat to keep your face shaded.  Basically I wear the same hat, sunglasses, and flip flops everyday by the pool.

This suit is La Blanca from Macys, but it is currently not available.

This suit is La Blanca from Macys, but it is currently not available.

This suit is not available. It is from Old Navy and from last year.

This suit is La Blanca from Macy's and is not available.

This suit is from Target from last year. It is not available.

This coverup is from Target last year

This coverup is from Old Navy last year

Dresses: I love dresses. They are easy to pack and iron if you need to. I packed 8 dresses and wore one every night to dinner. Right when we checked into our room I pressed all of them, hung them up and knew what I was wearing each night to dinner. Dresses are easy and cool, plus they take up a lot less space. Packing tops and shorts can take up a lot of room and make your suitcase heavy. I love dresses and I found some great ones for this trip.

Shoes: This is the hardest because I want to pack them all. I want a different pair of shoes to go with every dress each night. I never pack wedges because they take up lots of room and they can be heavy. I always just pack my Tory Burch Miller sandals. They are so comfortable and my absolute favorite. I own them in almost every single color. You can find the Tory Burch Miller sandals here.

Pajamas: I always pack lightweight pajamas to Hawaii. After sunbathing all day sometimes you just want something light and soft. I also always pack a lightweight robe for after the shower and getting ready in. I also pack a pair of slip-on slippers to walk around in the hotel. My favorite place to shop for pajamas is Target and my favorite brand is Stars Above.

I tried to link everything that I packed, but if you have any questions about something specific please do not hesitate to ask. 

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