Costumes & Crafts For Toy Story 4

We cannot wait to see Toy Story 4! The movie comes out on Friday, June 21. To get the kids ready for a new movie release I always love to have them dress in costume or fun shirts. I made parts of Carter's Woody costume and Kennedy's Jessie costume. It was so easy and required no sewing even though I have a sewing machine and I know how to sew, I was able to do it all without sewing.  Click here to see my post about the movie.

Carter's Woody costume was pretty simple. You could easily do cowboy boots, but he had brown high top sneakers so we used those instead. I bought him a red bandana and a yellow long sleeve shirt from Amazon and with a red marker and ruler I made lines on the shirt like Woody's. I ordered a cowboy hat on Amazon and picked up some cow print fabric at Joann Fabrics and Crafts for the vest. I printed a vest template and just traced the template over the cow print fabric. I ended up just gluing the cow print vest on the yellow shirt and Carter was set. It was so easy and so reasonable.

Kennedy's Jessie costume was purchased from Target. She was begging for that particular costume so I figured why not. She loved that it was a dress. She already had cowboy boots and I ordered her a red hat from Amazon and I made her red braid. I just bought red yarn from Joann Fabrics and Crafts and yellow ribbon for the bow.

For Father's Day we made these adorable alien handprint cards. Homemade cards are a sentimental gift children can give their dads. Just seeing those little hands and fingers are so sweet. These are so simple to make and no mess, which I love. All you need is green paper, glue, scissors, pencil, and black sharpie.

Fold the paper in half and trace your child's hand on the paper. Their pinky should be placed on the fold line. Cut the handprint out, leaving the fold line with the pinky intact. Glue googly eyes in the center on the front of the card. Draw a smile and open the card and write a fun message.  You can write "You are out of this world" or "For an out of this world dad" or "For the coolest dad in the galaxy". There are so many great sayings for Father's Day!  Cut out a small green circle for the alien's antenna. Glue it to the top middle finger.  

We also made our own Forky, Bunny and Ducky this week.  It was very simple.  I bought a Toy Story 4 kit at Joann Fabric and Crafts that included all of these items, but you could easily do this without a kit.  For Forky you need a spork, googly eyes, a red wiki stick, a blue wiki stick, a red pipe cleaner, two popsicle sticks, and either some playdoh or doh to stick Forky to the popsicle sticks.  To make Bunny or Ducky you basically need googly eyes, pom pom balls and with paper you could make the nose and mouth for Bunny and Ducky.  What a fun summer activity you could do with your kids! 

I would love to hear how you are getting ready for Toy Story 4.  We are so excited.  Remember it comes out this Friday, June 21st.

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