How To Pack Easy With Hanna Andersson

Kennedy's dress / Carter's shirt

Summer means family travels! It also means lots of packing and unpacking. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, but I have some helpful tips that I wanted to share that help me when I pack for the kids for all of our trips.

Kennedy's dress / Carter's shirt

Plan ahead: I always do my research before I start packing.  With a little effort I can find out the weather for each day so I know what to expect and what we will need. I also make sure to have copies of the kids' birth certificates and have medicine, bandaids, etc in their toiletry bags just in case.

Kennedy's dress / Carter's shirt

Do All The Laundry First: If the laundry is all done it gives you full access to your entire wardrobe.  

Kennedy's one piece

Try to pack one or two pairs of shoes to go with all of your outfits: Shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space, so try to pack one pair of nice sandals you can wear to the pool and out to dinner too.

Carter's shorts and rash guard

Make a packing list: I make a list of how many days we will be gone and I write down outfits, swim suits, shoes, pajamas, etc. I like to pack two outfits for the kids for each day. I also like to pack themed outfits. If we are going to be in Hawaii, then I love finding clothing with pineapples, etc. Hanna Andersson has the best children's clothes. They are comfortable, light weight, machine washable, bright and vibrant, and they last forever.

Kennedy's dress

When we planned our family vacation to Hawaii I immediately starting packing and making lists of what I wanted to pack for the kids and what I wanted the kids to wear each day, and everything was from Hanna Andersson. My kids love the comfort and feel of Hanna Andersson clothes. The sleeveless dresses are perfect for Kennedy most of the year.  You can just add a sweater on top or leggings underneath if it gets cool outside. 

Carter's shirt

I love this one piece for Kennedy. It is fast drying and blocks 97% of UVA /UVB rays, which is so great for Kennedy since she had surgery on her intestines recently and has scars on her tummy. Carter's swim shorts and rash guard also have sunblock protection, which is just amazing.

Kennedy's one piece / Carter's rash guard and shorts

Right now Hanna Andersson is having their biggest sale of the year.  It only happens twice a year.  Save up to 60% off their entire site!  For your next family trip I promise if you use these tips the stress that comes with packing will be much lower.  I want to know where are you headed this summer!

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