Having Plenty Of Happy On Hand This Summer

This post is sponsored by Nestlé®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The kids are done with school and summer vacation is upon us. I am so excited to have them home all summer. We always make a summer bucket list and I love coming up with ideas with the kids for what we will do all summer. No matter how fun the occasion, or how good your mood, when you want to take happiness to the next level this summer enjoying a cold sweet ice cream is the way to make it happen! Target is the best place to stock up on ice cream all summer long. That way you have "happy on hand" all summer when your family and friends visit.

We love ice cream on a hot afternoon. When we are swimming by the pool or hosting a fun family gathering, indulging in ice cream is the perfect way to end a summer day! Celebrating happy moments is what I plan on doing all summer! At Target make sure you stock up on your favorite ice cream and have happy on hand on all summer long.

Some of our favorites include Nestlé® Drumstick®. Raise your cone and cheers to summer. They are a classic choice with roasted nuts, creamy vanilla and a chocolate finish. We also love Outshine® Strawberry Fruit Bars. They are rich in color and flavor. These bars are refreshing on a hot summer day and berry delicious! It is a snack I feel good about. Skinny Cow® ice cream sandwiches are personally one of my favorites. Life is meant to be lived, fun is meant to be had, and dessert is meant to be eaten! Skinny Cow® is real, indulgent, full- flavored desserts in perfectly reasonable portions, which makes me happy! I love that they are made with low fat vanilla ice cream. They melt in your mouth with goodness in every bite.

No matter what your summer plans include, make sure you take the time to celebrate happy moments and indulge in some ice cream with family and friends.