Find The Ninja Within Ya At Legoland California

This year I was invited to become a Legoland California Blogger Ambassador. I was beyond excited. We love Legoland California and usually try to visit the park at least once a year. Carter and Kennedy both love Legos and honestly I was so grateful and thrilled to be invited into their blogger ambassador program. Thank you again Legoland California.  This past weekend I attended my second event.  I have gotten invited to several other events at Legoland, but sometimes the events are during the week and it has been difficult to make the drive.  I was so excited that this one was on Saturday and it was all focused on The Lego Ninjago Movie, which Carter and Kennedy are currently obsessed with.

So many people asked on my IG stories where their shirts were from.  Carter's shirt is from Target and I made Kennedy's shirt.  It is just an iron on.  I could not find any girl Nya/Ninjago shirts for Kennedy, so I just decided to make one.

Carter and Kennedy are showing you their Lego hands.  They are too much!

With the movie being released to theaters this past Friday September 22nd, Legoland was having Ninjago Days on Saturday and Sunday.  You could meet all the characters from the movie, build a Lego mosaic, participate in the Miniland scavenger hunt (you had to find all the ninjas in Miniland USA), and more.  It was just so fun to join our favorite ninjas during Lego Ninjago Days at Legoland California Resort.

For the blogger event I got to meet Brian Austin (Global Brand Manager at Warner Brothers) and take a look inside The Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game inside the WB Games Family Game Space Room.  We got to play the game at different stations, there was a Q&A, we got to meet the characters from the Ninjago movie, and we were lucky enough to receive our very own copy of the game.  We also got a swag bag full of Ninjago goodies and it was amazing.  After the event we enjoyed the rest of the day in Legoland riding rides, eating, and having the best time together.

We also ate lunch at Ninja Kitchen (inside Ninjago World), which is a twist on Asian street food and it was amazing.  

We saw The Lego Ninjago Movie and it was so funny.  The kids loved it and so did Blake and I.  We have been seriously waiting months for this movie to come out.  Not only is it hilarious, but it also has a great message of courage, acceptance, and empowerment.

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