Saying Goodbye to Disneyland's 60th Celebration

As you all know we are huge fans of Disneyland.  Who am I kidding... we are fans of anything that involves Disney!  We have been to Walt Disney World, The Aulani, and on a Disney Cruise.  We have a Disney bin that stores all of our merchandise, clothing, bags, and we even have Disney luggage.  We have annual passes to Disneyland and we have so enjoyed the 60th celebration over the last year.  It started in May 2015 and we went right away to see the castle, the Paint The Night Parade, the Disneyland Forever Fireworks, World Of Color Celebrate, the new costumes that the characters wore, and so much more.  We are so sad it all comes to an end today.  We really tried going one last time to see it all, but it just did not work with Blake in busy season.  Our favorite was definitely the Paint The Night Parade, which will end tonight but be back on selected nights around the holidays, so when we go at Christmas we will be able to see the Paint The Night parade again.  We literally watch it on YouTube daily (my kids can't get enough of it).  I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures with you from our 6 visits to Disneyland over the last year with the 60th celebration.

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  1. I live in the Bay Area, and like you my family are annual pass holders. We Love Disney!!! and enjoyed this 60th celebration so much. I'm hoping they keep the castle in all its sparkling glory.


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