How To Create A Super Hero Bedroom

Carter turned 5 in August and that same month he became obsessed with super heroes.  He actually came up to me one day and asked if he could have a super hero bedroom.  I always love taking on a new project and giving my children exactly what they want is what I live for, so creating a super hero bedroom for Carter began immediately!  When we started I didn't know the difference between Marvel or The Justice League, but I think it turned out really good.  I tried to link where I got everything and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.  Carter absolutely loves his room and that is all that matters in the end.  You can click here to view Carter's nursery and the transformation to a nautical bedroom for him (yes, he is 5 and we have redone his room three times).

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I think I linked everything below that is currently available online, but if I missed something that you are interested in please let me know.

Marvel pillow on the bed: Kohls
Door sign: Target
All of the wall art hanging on the walls: Hobby Lobby
Bed and bedside table: Pottery Barn Kids
Lamp: Target
Books on the bedside table: Barnes and Noble
Lego Table: Amazon
Super Hero Legos: Target
Magnets on the easel: Hobby Lobby
Super hero plush dolls: Target
The 3 action figures on the white shelves: Target 
The picture frame on the white shelf: Hobby Lobby
The Captain America bucket on the white shelf: Walmart
The 5 Minute Marvel Stories book on the white shelf: Amazon
The Spider Man and Captain America book on the white shelf: Hobby Lobby

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