Carter's Nautical Room

After Christmas we moved Carter to a full size bed to start the new year. I wish I would have listened to family and friends and did it months earlier because he sleeps so much better, longer, and through the night since we have moved him to a big boy bed. I think it is because he has more room to roll around, but I am not sure. Plus, it is sure nice every morning and evening being able to lay with him and cuddle while we read and sing songs! Blake and I have always loved the beach, so we knew we wanted to do something with that theme for his room. It all came together around Christmas. Blake's parents bought Carter the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids for Christmas and the gigantic shark on the bed is from Nordstrom (Carter drags it around all day long). I added all the decorative pillows. They are from Land of Nod.   Here is Carter's nautical room.

Carter's Nursery