Carter's First Visit to the Dentist

I have been meaning to take Carter to the dentist for months. I have been putting it off since I knew he would not sit in the dentist chair, open his mouth, and be the perfect little boy I wanted him to be at the dentist's office. Every morning and night when either Blake or I brush his teeth it is a struggle. He will not brush his own teeth and he hates when Blake or I do it. We have been brushing his teeth for over a year every morning and night. You would think Carter would be used to the routine by now. My friend Dusty recommended Dr. Brent Powell and I decided to make an appointment for Carter. I thought we better make sure he has no cavities and everything looks good before Kennedy arrives and it will be even harder to get out of the house with two children. So this morning we went to the dentist. The office is adorable with a big play structure inside the office for the children to play on, a HUGE TV was playing Aladdin, and there were lots of toys and books for the children to play with to keep them busy while they wait for their appointment. The entire staff was so nice too. Carter's name was called and away we went to the exam room. This is where the fun began! Carter would not sit in the dentist chair, he would not open his mouth and he was being so stubborn, and of course crying. I understand he was a little scared, but the ladies and Dr. Powell were so nice and they brought Carter balloons, stickers, they put on Mickey Mouse for him to watch, and did so much more to try to ease his fears. He was just not cooperating and even told the lady, "I said NO!" over and over. It was funny and embarrassing all at the same time. We eventually had to hold him down so they could count his teeth, make sure he had no cavities, check his gums, and brush his teeth. He cried through the whole process. Thank God I had Blake there to help me. He was happy after it was all over and got to pick out a balloon and book to take home. He even said goodbye and thank you to the staff (he was just happy to be getting out of there). Hopefully in October he will do much better. Until then, that was Carter's first experience at the dentist.