The Slumber Party Movie Review

The Slumber Party is a family friendly version of The Hangover and a hilarious movie that everyone will love. It premieres on Disney Channel July 27 and streaming July 28 on Disney Plus. This movie takes you on a laugh out loud adventure and demonstrates the importance of friendships.  Check out my IG reel sharing our DIY slumber party set up here.

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Thank you Disney Channel for this exclusive sleepover kit, which contains everything we need to create our very own ultimate slumber party to watch The Slumber Party tonight. We have been so excited to watch this movie.

After a birthday slumber party, best friends Megan and Paige, along with soon-to-be step-sister Veronica wake up with no memory of what happened the previous night. They are determined to retrace their steps to find the missing birthday girl, Anna Maria. They also have to figure out why there are ducks in a bathtub, why Megan’s right eyebrow is gone, and why she’s wearing popular boy Jake’s hoodie.

Each of the girls in the film are so talented. You can learn something from each one of them. Megan (Darby Camp) is a rule follower, a romantic, is kind, sensible, and does not like trying new things.  Anna Maria (Valentina Herrera) is sassy, bold, and loyal. Paige (Emmy Liu Wang) is brave, practical, and persistent. Veronica (Alex Cooper Cohen) is quirky, confident and determined.  Each girl learns to try new things, connect with each other and find themselves.

Teens will relate to situations as they are currently finding and figuring out themselves while managing friendships, and adults watching this can fondly look back on the past and reminisce.

Watch The Slumber Party now on Disney Channel and Disney+