Happiness For Beginners On Netflix

Happiness For Beginners is now streaming on Netflix. In Happiness For Beginners Helen (Ellie Kemper) decides to deal with her divorce in a creative way. She enrolls in a survival course hiking trip. Written and directed by Vicky Wight, this adaptation of Katherine Center’s novel follows Helen as she and her quirky group of fellow hikers test themselves against nature. Watching this movie made me want to escape on an adventure with friends! This movie is all about finding happiness and letting go of the past!  Watch Happiness For Beginners now on Netflix.  It is a perfect date night movie!

Helen has always played it safe. But now, newly divorced, she joins a course promising the adventure of a lifetime with the hope of learning how to live and love again. Through this experience she discovers that you have to get lost to find yourself. Ellie Kemper who plays Helen usually plays very funny optimistic characters and Helen is not like this at all. It was so refreshing to see Ellie Kemper play Helen in this film.

The cast is so good. It stars Nico Santos, Blythe Danner, Ben Cook, Shayvawn Webster, Esteban Benito, Gus Birney and Julia Shiplett, who all join Kemper and Grimes on this woodsy adventure.

Interviews were completed in June 2023, prior to the SAG Strike

I had the honor of chatting with Nico Santos from the film. Nico has also been in Guardians Of Galaxy Vol.3, Crazy Rich Asians, Super Store and so many other amazing movies and series. He plays Hugh In Happiness For Beginners and is so hilarious in this film. I found out Nico is not into the outdoors or hiking, so taking on this role was a little bit of a challenge for him.  His favorite scene is when he first meets Helen (Ellie Kemper) in the film.  He was so excited to be part of this film because he heard Ellie Kemper signed on to the part of Helen and he wanted to work with her.  It was so nice talking with Nico about this film and I can't wait to see what he has coming up next.

Watch Happiness For Beginners now on Netflix.