The World Of Barbie Tour In Santa Monica, CA

Jump in the Barbie Camper! We are taking you to the World Of Barbie Tour in Santa Monica! Today we were invited to preview the World Of Barbie Tour at Santa Monica Place. This tour opens to the public Friday, April 14th. It will be in Santa Monica until September, so you have all summer to plan your visit, but hurry because tickets are going fast. There are so many different themed rooms where you can explore, take photos, and reminisce.  You can purchase tickets here.  Watch our video here to see all the fun we had!

There is the iconic Barbie living room with a pink couch, kitchen with a pink fridge, closet full of clothes, purses, shoes and more. There is a movie theater showing Barbie movies all day long and a larger than life Barbie Camper! The camper has everything just like our miniature camper at home. You can check out the kitchen, get behind the wheel, light the fire pit, swing in a hammock, or hang out and watch TV. There is a Paul Mitchell salon where you can customize your hair and color with AR screens, there is a beach area where you can virtually splash in the waves and there are Barbie and Ken surfboards! There are rooms where you can see Barbie Dreamhouses throughout the years, you can be a Barbie weather girl, have a talk show, or be on the news. There is an exhibit with historic and inspiring women Barbie dolls, including the very first Barbie. There is a Barbie laboratory where you can create your own Barbie on a screen by selecting your favorite color as inspiration. There is a music studio where you can play guitar, sing karaoke, play on the drums, or spin at a DJ booth! There is also Barbie Interstellar Airways that transports you out of this world! There is also a slide and ball pit with adorable Barbie beach balls. There are several life size Barbie doll boxes that you can step into and be anything you dream to be!

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This wall behind us was covered floor to ceiling with tiny Barbie shoes!

Let's not forget about the gift shop that has literally every Barbie, the Dream House, apparel, bags, accessories, and more.  Click here to see what we got from the gift shop.

This was literally a dream come true! Thank you Barbie and Mattel for having us today. We all had a ball. There is something for everyone. The kids loved it all! There are so many hands-on areas to play, learn and explore. This tour will definitely keep you entertained taking hundreds of photos!