Last week we went to Sea World San Diego.  We try to visit at least once a year.  Sea World is beautiful. I have always loved Sea World and sea animals. It is one of the top things to do in San Diego with rides, animals, shows, dining, and special events. We spent the day exploring all that Sea World has to offer.  Let's explore Sea World together and let me show you what you can't miss.

This ride height check is located right when you walk in.  I loved this because you can take a few minutes to check everyone's height so you are prepared for who can ride each ride with no surprises.  

 We loved the dolphin and orca shows, feeding sea lions and bat rays, seeing penguins, octopuses, walruses, sharks, turtles, and more. There are so many hands on areas.  Carter loved being able to touch a Brown Banded Bamboo Shark.

But the best part about our day was when we did a special encounter with a sea lion. We were escorted into a behind the scenes area where we got to learn about sea lions, feed one, teach it tricks and so much more.

Last year we did a special encounter with a beluga whale and you can read about that here.  The encounter with the beluga whale was amazing.  I liked it better than the sea lion encounter, but I am glad we got to experience both and I look forward to our next animal encounter.

The special animal encounter is separate from your admission into the park. I suggest booking in advance because space is limited. You can do it online here

I highly suggest you download the Sea World app on your phone or get a park map when you enter the park. I also highly suggest visiting the Pretzel Shop. They had the best regular and jalapeno pretzels!