Christmas Gingerbread House Ideas

If you have been following us for some time you know we love creating, crafting and making gingerbread houses. We make Halloween houses (Trader Joes), we make these cute turkeys at Thanksgiving (Trader Joes) and we always make Christmas gingerbread houses. I usually purchase the Christmas gingerbread houses from Target. It is a fun tradition and it gets better every year because as the kids mature and get older they are capable of decorating them on their own how they want.  I have a little trick to share, something I have been doing since before even having my own children that I learned at an elementary school - hot glue the gingerbread houses together! You can't eat them, but it keeps the house together nicely and is so easy for children to be able to decorate without anything falling apart. Believe me, they can add pounds of candy and the house will not fall apart.

Watch the tutorial here on how to hot glue gingerbread houses.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to decorate. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what your houses look like. What matters more is how you felt making them. So this holiday season, have fun with your family and enjoy every second.

I am going to share another tip with you that I have learned from being a mom over the years.  Make gingerbread houses right before the holiday. That way you don't have to display them for a long period of time and find a place to keep them displayed. We always make these either on the exact holiday or a day or two before. That way I don't have to keep them for a long time.

Everything you need to make gingerbread houses is linked here.  

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