Roald Dahl is one of our favorite authors. As a child I read all of his books and now my children are reading his books and it is so fun to talk about his books, watch the movies and spend time together reading and watching the movies that were adapted from his amazing books. One of our favorites is Matilda. We love the book, the original movie, and now Matilda The Musical is on Netflix and it is amazing. This holiday season while you are spending time with family and relaxing make sure you watch Matilda The Musical. The entire family will love it. The cast is so talented and the music is beautiful. The story is a little different in the most perfect way.  Matilda premieres on Netflix on Christmas day.

Matilda Wormwood (Alisha Weir) is a little girl with big curiosity, a sharp mind, vivid imagination and the worst parents in the world. While her parents content themselves with trashy TV and dodgy money-making schemes, she loves to lose herself in the pages of her beloved books. Where they are loud, selfish and unkind, she is a quiet observer, thinking up small and cheeky acts of rebellion and revenge.

On meeting her inspirational teacher, Miss Honey, Matilda is encouraged and begins conjuring her own fantastical tales. Excited to attend Crunchem Hall, Matilda is surprised to find the school is an ominous and oppressive place led by the towering and villainous Miss Trunchbull.

As well as kind Miss Honey, the bright lights among the meanness are story-loving librarian, Mrs. Phelps, and Matilda’s newfound school friends. Filled with an overwhelming sense of justice, Matilda dares to take a stand for what is right and teach Trunchbull a lesson she won’t forget.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical is an inspirational musical tale of an extraordinary girl who discovers her superpower and summons the remarkable courage, against all odds, to help others change their stories, while also taking charge of her own destiny. Standing up for what’s right, she’s met with miraculous results.

We were honored to screen the movie early for Netflix and interview Alisha Weir, who plays Matilda Wormwood, and Dennis Kelly the screenwriter. Dennis Kelly belongs to the original “Matilda the Musical” team and was responsible for the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book into a stage play, and now the screenplay.

Matilda Fun Facts

● Trunchbull’s look is inspired by the famous Quentin Blake Illustrations.

● Boot up. Miss Trunchbull’s distinctive boots were inspired by a 1920s Swedish deep sea diver boot, square toed with soles made out of pure lead

● Full-Stretch. The stunt performer [Leon Fagbemi] doubling for the Escapologist in the film is an artist from the Cirque du Soleil.

● What’s in a name? The name “Matilda” is of Old German origin and means "mighty in battle"

● Statue of Limitations. The intimidating statue of Trunchbull in the playground of Crunchem Hall is an original. Made from polystyrene and sprayed with vinyl to give it strength and texture when painted. It was a whopping 7.5 meters tall. The statue’s concrete plinth was inspired by Friedrich Engels’ statue, which can now be seen in Manchester’s city centre

● Dance Dance Revolution. Matilda The Musical boasts a dance ensemble of 250 extraordinarily talented kids

● Is it cake? 150 enormous chocolate cakes were made and destroyed in the filming of the musical number “Bruce”

● The house used as the exterior of Crunchem Hall [Bramshill House] is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in the United Kingdom. Among the 14 ghosts reputed to haunt the house, one is that of a bride who accidentally locked herself in a chest on her wedding night and was not found until 50 years later!

● The Continuity department dog was on set every day - Matilda is canine Mabel’s fourth film.

● A plaque in the school with names of the former Head teachers of Crunchem Hall include Eric Fellner, producer and founder of Working Title Films.

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