I Am Groot On Disney+

There’s no guarding the galaxy from this mischievous toddler! Get ready as Baby Groot takes center stage in his very own collection of shorts, exploring his glory days growing up and getting into trouble among the stars. If you have some kiddos who are home on summer vacation, let us help you plan some fun crafts for when you watch I Am Groot on Disney+

Watch the trailer and our reaction 

I Am Groot, five original shorts (20 minutes long total) featuring several new and unusual characters, stars everyone’s favorite little tree, Baby Groot, voiced by Vin Diesel who also voices Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.  

Every short is a different story and shows an adventure Groot is on.  We were belly laughing watching all the shorts.  We were so excited to be asked by Disney+ to screen these shorts a couple weeks ago.  They are delightful and so funny and it will make you fall in love with baby Groot!

Let's make a Groot mask.  All you need is a brown piece of paper, pencil, black marker, white marker, and scissors.  Free hand a Groot face or find one online to trace.  Cut out the face and eyes, add some details and you have a Groot mask.  Click here for a printable template.
Watch the tutorial here

Let's make a potted baby Groot. All you need is a brown paper bag, black marker, brown marker, white marker, scissors, and a pot. Add two eyes and a mouth and draw squiggly lines on the bag, Cut both sides of the bag and twist the pieces to look like branches for his arms. Flatten the top of the bag where Groot's head is and cut vertical lines for his hair. Add tissue to fill out Groot's head. Squeeze the bag under his mouth and twist the rest of his body so it looks like a branch. Secure him to the pot, add some extra paper and you are done.

Watch the tutorial here

I Am Groot is now on Disney+