Secret Headquarters On Paramount+

What would you do if you found out your dad was a superhero?! That is the plot of the new movie Secret Headquarters starring Owen Wilson, Walker Scobell, Jesse Williams, Keith L. Williams, Momona Tamada, Michael Peña, Abby James Witherspoon, Kezii Curtis and more. While hanging out after school, Charlie and his friends discover the headquarters of the world’s most powerful superhero hidden beneath his home. When villains attack, they must team up to defend the headquarters and save the world. We were so excited to screen this movie early and interview the cast. Check out our review on the movie, our reaction trailer and our interview with the cast below.

Watch our reaction trailer 

The movie is rated PG and it is 1 hour and 44 minutes long.  It is a family friendly superhero movie.  It is about friendship, family, teamwork, and working together.  The movie is full of laughs, action and adventure.  My kids loved all the cool gadgets in the movie and they are definitely wondering if there will be a sequel.  We loved this movie and it is the perfect family movie.  Everyone will enjoy it.

We got to interview the talented Walker Scobell and Momona Tamada from the movie Secret Headquarters.  Watch the video and find out what superpower they wish they had, what was their favorite scene in the movie, how are they similar to the character they play in the movie, why they wanted to be part of Secret Headquarters, what they have coming up next, and if there is a sequel to Secret Headquarters what should it be about.

Check out Secret Headquarters on Paramount+ on Friday August 12, 2022

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