Let's Go To Camp LA

Let’s go to Camp! It’s a family experience company with interactive retail play spaces now open at Westfield Century City. It is part toy store, part activity destination, all good vibes. Camp delivers immersive fun for the whole family. Get ready to explore and discover the hottest toys, books, and gifts curated by Camp's team of counselors. Express your creativity with arts and crafts, as well as magical performances, crafts, kids' classes and special events! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s go to Camp!

I was honored to be asked to work on this campaign and promote Camp LA and Barbie.  Thank you Camp for working with me, sending Kennedy all of the Camp Barbie merch, inviting us to the event and for everything you sent us home with.  It was so fun meeting the staff and everyone I was working with on this project.  We loved Camp and can't wait to come visit again soon.

Friday night we were invited to a special event before Camp opens officially to the public. It was so fun. Thank you for having us Camp. There are arts and crafts stations, food, drinks, and so much fun to be had! If you live in LA or will be visiting soon make sure you check out Camp at Westfield Century City shopping center. It is located on the second floor next to the Gap. The entire shopping center is so nice. There is plenty of shopping, restaurants, fun for the kids and so much more.

The Camp Canteen is the first room you enter when you arrive.  Just like the canteen you remember from summer camp, Camp’s Canteen is the spot to shop for toys, books, gifts, and accessories for the whole family! Kids can explore the Canteen for hidden surprises, like the signature Magic Door!

What’s Behind the Magic Door?  Camp’s Magic Door is your family’s personal gateway to fun, creativity, and adventure. They're constantly changing what’s behind the Magic Door to keep the experience fresh and new for families, with fun activities, cool events for families, and awesome, hand-picked products you'll really, really love.

This cool slide leads you to a fun Barbie wall and an enclosed Barbie area!

We need this Barbie wall in our house!

Kennedy is loving her new camper and dolls.

Thank you Camp for all the goodies you sent us home with.  We can't wait to return to Camp again soon.

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