If you know us, you know how much we love LEGO in this house. We love building LEGO and going to LEGOLAND California. I have been a LEGOLAND blogger ambassador for 4 years and it is so much fun. There are always fun events and LEGOLAND is full of rides, attractions, great food and so much more. You can read about our most recent trip to LEGOLAND here. When we visit LEGOLAND I like to stay right on property, so we always stay at either the LEGOLAND Hotel or the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. I get asked all the time which hotel I prefer. It is so hard to answer, since they are both so fun and full of adventure and excitement, so take a seat and let me tell you about each hotel.

The LEGOLAND Hotel opened in 2013 and the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel opened in 2018. Both hotels are located right at the entrance of LEGOLAND, which makes them so convenient. One of the biggest perks of staying at one of the LEGOLAND hotels is the ability to get into the park early (the time depends on the season). You’ll need your park tickets and your room card so the employees know your family are hotel guests.  Both hotels do not have cribs, but they have pack n plays.  From the moment you walk into both hotels you are immersed in LEGO, excitement and fun. 

 The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel: There is a drawbridge right at the entrance and Merlin The Wizard surrounded by LEGO bricks to greet you in the lobby. Kids can build with the LEGO bricks or slide down the slide or play in the mini jail cell or sit in the giant throne while parents check in. Next to the lobby elevators, there’s the jester’s knock knock wall. You use the door hanger to knock and the jester will tell you a joke. The entire hotel is all LEGO themed like the elevators and trash cans. Speaking of the elevators, when the doors close the back wall lights up and Merlin speaks to you! Get ready for the magic!

The LEGOLAND Hotel: As you enter the hotel you are greeted by a fire breathing dragon made out of LEGO and a pirate ship for kids to play while parents check in. There is also a LEGO brick area for kids to build or they can check out all the mini figures behind the wall of the front desk. Legoland Hotel has better elevators.  It turns into a disco right when the elevator door closes and you can't help but dance!

On each floor, when you exit the elevators there’s also a life-sized Lego mini figure to greet you.  The elevators are right by the lobby in the LEGOLAND Castel Hotel (I like that a lot).

2021 LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

2018 LEGOLAND Hotel

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel: There is a restaurant on the second floor called Dragon’s Dungeon Restaurant & Bar. There is a kids play area and LEGO brick pit. There are also 2 crazy mirrors, a wall of framed Lego characters that you can build on, a decorative Lego shelf and a spinner that tells kids different things to do while they wait (like tell a funny story or build a certain thing).  Breakfast is included when you stay at the hotel.

LEGOLAND Hotel: has 2 restaurants, plus a cafe (Bricks Family Restaurant, Skyline Cafe, and Mini’s Lounge).  Breakfast is included when you stay at the hotel.  The LEGOLAND Hotel has a kids station where the counter is lower and that is convenient for kids.  

Skyline Cafe

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel: You’re able to pick from 3 different themed rooms.  LEGOLAND Castle Hotel features 250 rooms, fully themed as Knights and Dragons, Royal Princess and Magic Wizard.  I love the separate nook for the kids.  There are bunk beds (plus a trundle bed on the bottom) a TV for the kids and a switch to activate the night time stars on the celling.  I also love all the wallpaper in the room has mazes and games for the kids to solve and play.  There is also a kids peep hole on the main door, a built in child's toilet seat and a step stool in the bathroom.  The room also comes with a king bed and behind the bed the wall lights up and sparkles.  The kids loved it.  Each room has two flat screen TVs, one in the kids room with the bunk beds and one in the master bedroom, Wi-Fi, a mini fridge, coffee maker, and complementary beverages.  

The LEGOLAND Hotel: you are able to pick from a themed room from pirate, adventure, kingdom, LEGO Friends and LEGO NINJAGO. There are 250 rooms. There is also a separate nook for the kids with bunk beds, plus a trundle bed on the bottom. There is a TV for the kids and a switch to activate the night time stars on the ceiling. There is a kids peep hole on the main door, built in child's toilet seat and step stool in the bathroom. The room also comes with a king bed. Each room has two flat screen TVs, one in the kids room with the bunk beds and one in the master bedroom, Wi-Fi, a mini fridge, coffee maker and complementary beverages.

The treasure hunt in the hotel is the best. Each room has a chest with a rotating combination lock filled with a surprise Lego treasure. There’s also a scavenger hunt flyer that gives kids clues as to how to find out the code to their chest. There is a brand new LEGO set for each child to keep.  This happens at both the LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

There is also nightly entertainment for kids and families to enjoy at both hotels.  Make sure you get the schedule when you check in.  

There is also a playground & movie area at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.  Both hotels have a pool.  The pool also has stationed lifeguards.


LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Pool

The Legoland Hotel and Legoland Castle Hotel have free buffet breakfast, nightly entertainment, a treasure hunt with FREE LEGO set to keep, character meet & greet, a retail store for souvenirs, a gym, and a heated swimming pool. The two hotels are almost identical, but if I had to pick I like the LEGOLAND Hotel. I prefer the lobby, Bricks Family Restaurant, and the disco elevator.

If you personally want a newer hotel, a less busy lobby, proximity of the elevator to the lobby, and a fun outdoor play structure for kids, then you should stay at Legoland Castle Hotel.  If you still can’t decide on which Legoland Hotel to stay at, let the kids choose a themed room from both hotels and see which is available, then book that hotel. Or if you’ve already stayed at either one, then stay at the other on your next trip.

So, when are you planning your trip to LEGOLAND California?!

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