The Toy Insider Sweet Suite At Home

A few weeks ago we were asked to participate in The Toy Insider Sweet Suite @ Home. It is an exclusive invitation only experience for influencers. For the last decade, Sweet Suite has brought together toy manufacturers, press, content creators, and influencers for the biggest night of play. This year they did it again, but there was one major difference... it was virtual!  It was so much fun.  We feel honored to have been included.


Sweet Suite @ Home featured a full virtual party environment, giving influencers the full Sweet Suite experience, including the ability to explore the show floor, walk up to sponsors’ booths, and get live face-to-face toy demos via video chat. We got to chat with more than 75 toy companies and got inspired for our holiday gift guides, future toy reviews, and more! We got to see the hottest toys of the year. There was fun, toys, and games. What more could you ask for?!

There were so many booths that we loved, exciting new toys to see and learn about, meeting with reps face to face virtually that we have worked with over the years was so fun and it was just a great overall experience. I think for us the highlight of the day was meeting personally with Pokemon. Carter and Kennedy are obsessed with Pokemon. We got to work with Pokemon over the holidays. You can read about that here and a few weeks ago before it even hit store shelves Pokemon sent us their brand new board game Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Academy. We got to visit with the Daniel and Paul who work for Pokemon and Paul was one of the creators of the game. Carter was so excited to meet with them, talk about Pokemon, the game and so much more. It was such an honor to have a one on one Zoom meeting with creators and people who work on Pokemon, something that Carter loves so much. He just kept saying after our meeting that they have the best job in the world! Thank you again Pokemon for everything. You can read more about that here.

Here are just a few booths that we loved and some of the amazing toys these companies represent.  I am so excited to share more with you in the upcoming months.

Bandai:  They have 44 Cats merchandise that the kids love.  The show is so cute too.  You can find it on Netflix.

Basic Fun!  They are like family.  They have the best toys and we always love working with them.  They have toys like Care Bears, Lite Brite, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, Scoob, Tonka and so much more.  We love Basic Fun!

Crayola:  We love anything and everything Crayola.  We just worked with them over the summer.  The kids love everything Crayola, but they really love the Scribble Scrubbies.

Goliath:  They have fun games for the entire family.  We just worked with them this month.  We love their games.

Hasbro: It really does not get better than Hasbro.  They make everything perfect and we have worked with them several times over the years.  They have Disney, My Little Pony, Play-doh and more.  We love anything and everything Hasbro touches.  They are always spoiling the kids.

Just Play: They are so awesome.  They have Barbie, Blue's Clues, Slinky, Disney, Trolls, Hairdorables, Hello Kitty, JoJo Siwa, and more.  We have worked with Just Play so many times over the years and it is always a pleasure.

Kid Trax: We love these riding toys.  We have worked with them in the past and their ride-on toys are amazing.  You will not find better quality and longer lasting ride-on toys than Kid Trax.

Mattel: We love Mattel (duh). We are the biggest Barbie fans in this house. We also love American Girl and so many more toy brands that they represent.  Mattel is the owner of one of the strongest portfolios of children’s and family entertainment franchises in the world.

Nintendo: If you have been following us, you know how obsessed we are with Nintendo.  We have so many consoles and Carter is obsessed with his Nintendo Switch.  We just worked with Nintendo for the first time this summer and it was awesome.  Everyone loves Nintendo and they have some amazing new games that just hit the shelves like Paper Mario Oragami King, which you can read about here

Skyrocket: They represent so many cool brands, but one of our favorites is Blume dolls.  Kennedy is obsessed with these dolls.  We have so many of them.  They also have the Chocolate Pen, which we love!  Check it out here.

There are a few brands I absolutely love that have amazing new toys coming out for the holidays that I will be sharing more about in the next few months.  They are also brands that I have worked with and I know well after reviewing and getting the kids' stamp of approval that these toys are high quality, fun, and enjoyable for the whole family.

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