Toy Story 4 Blu-ray and DVD is out today!

Toy Story 4 Blu-ray and DVD is out today! This movie is the fourth, and likely final, installment in the Toy Story series. Blake and I have grown up watching these movies and I am so happy to share them with my children now. This time we join our favorite toy friends on an epic road trip and it was amazing. Toy Story 3 was the end of Andy's journey, and now in Toy Story 4 it is Bonnie's journey. Woody has always helped everyone find their happily ever after and now it is his turn.  I really love how this movie was about friendship, loyalty, imagination, and the power of play.

I loved so many parts about the movie. I loved how Bonnie made Forky at Kindergarten orientation and it is so true in life today. Kids don't just play with toys, they play with everything. They make crafts and play with them and Bonnie's spork ends up becoming her new favorite toy.  We had so much fun making our own Forky and friends for Forky too!  Remember heroes are not born, they are made!

The ending was very emotional for all of us, so be ready with some tissues. Also it was very emotional to see and hear Mr. Potato Head in this movie since Don Rickles just passed away recently and he voiced the character of Mr. Potato Head. Make sure you watch the ending credits because they show some extra scenes you don't want to miss. 

The movie is suitable for all ages and the entire family will love it. I do suggest watching Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3 before seeing Toy Story 4. The movie is 1 hour and 40 minutes long and it is rated G.

If you are planning a Toy Story themed birthday party click here. We threw Carter a Toy Story birthday party it was amazing!

Carter's Woody costume was pretty simple. You could easily do cowboy boots, but he had brown leather high top sneakers so we used those instead. I bought him a red bandana and a yellow long sleeve shirt from Amazon and with a red marker and ruler I made lines on the shirt like Woody's. I ordered a cowboy hat on Amazon and picked up some cow print fabric at Joann Fabrics and Craftsfor the vest. I printed a vest template and just traced the template over the cow print fabric. I ended up just gluing the cow print vest on the yellow shirt and Carter was set. It was so easy and so reasonable.

Kennedy's Jessie costume was purchased from Target. She was begging for that particular costume so I figured why not. She loved that it was a dress. She already had cowboy boots and I ordered her a red hat from Amazon and I made her red braid. I just bought red yarn from Joann Fabrics and Crafts and yellow ribbon for the bow.


I loved my shirt! It reads Girls Supporting Girls!

Here are some fun activity and coloring sheets your kids will love and these are great to keep them busy this fall! Click here to download.

Click here for Duke Caboom’s Daredevil Snack Mix

And if you made it all the way to the end of this blog post you get to see this special treat! Blake and I were Woody and Jessie for Halloween 2010!

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