Disney Frozen Fan Fest

This week I was honored to be invited by Disney to Frozen Fan Fest. Frozen Fan Fest was a global celebration of new products inspired by Disney's Frozen 2. The movie comes out November 22nd and all of the toys, collectibles, apparel, and more that I saw will start hitting shelves Friday, October 4th.  It was the most magical event and my family and I were honored to be included. Thank you Disney for having us.  Click here for some activity and coloring pages.

We were interviewed, photographed, and got to try out everything they will be showcasing for Frozen 2 this fall and winter. We are beyond excited for this movie and all of the amazing items we saw yesterday.  I wanted to share everything about the event and some of my favorite products that I saw with all of you.

Right when we walked up we were greeted with snow on the ground, a sled to take photos in, drinks, and Grandpappy!

There were 3 bars that had Frozen inspired drinks and yummy treats!  It was all just magical.

Anna and Elsa are on the drink!

Check out the leaf in the icecube!

Look at the tree trunks coming from the ceiling!

This huge screen showed us previews for the movie.

The Hanna Andersson pajamas were one of my favorites.  I love their pajamas.  They have Elsa, Anna, and Olaf pajamas.  You can find all of the pajamas here.

The bedding looks so beautiful.  Click here for the bedding.

Click here for this bedding.

The backware can be found here.  The Williams Sonoma Frozen 2 items can be found here.

This Disney Garmin Anna vivofitjr is perfect for any active little girl!  Kennedy loves her Anna band.

You can find the Sorel boots here

I love the raincoat and rainboots by Western Chief

Love these costumes by Disguise.  

All of the Converse will be available starting November 1

Ultimate Arendelle Castle and Sledding Adventures. Kennedy was gifted the Sledding Adventures and has been playing with it non-stop. I love that it comes with all of the main characters. The characters can take turns sitting in the sled so Kennedy can imagine a sleigh ride around Arendelle and beyond.

Kennedy loved the Frozen 2 boombox


Click here for the Disney Frozen 2 Monopoly game

This Kid Kraft Toys Frozen house is so cute.  This Disney Frozen 2 bike can be found here.


These items were from Shop Disney! I loved the costumes and the advent calendar. The advent calendar comes with outfits and accessories for the dolls behind each calendar day door!  Kennedy would LOVE this.  I also love the Disney Bedtime Adventure Box.  These would make such a great gift.

Elsa’s Enchanted Ice Vanity was so cute and I want Sven!  Sven can hold up to 70 pounds and make sounds!  Click here for Sven.

These LEGO sets will be available starting tomorrow.  Go to Spotify.com/Frozen for special sound effects that the kids can listen to while building their LEGO set.

Click here for Enchanted Treehouse

Click here for Elsa's Wagon Adventure

Click here for Olaf LEGO set

Click here for Elsa's Jewelry Box Creation

Click here for Anna's Ice Canoe Expedition

Click here for Arendelle Castle Village

Disney’s Frozen 2 Follow Me Friend Olaf. My kids loved this. Olaf follows the snowflake on the remote control! He even talks!

Pacific Cycle Battery Powered Water Nokk Ride On 6 Volt by Kid Trax
Thank you so much Disney for having us!  We had the best day and the kids made their Christmas lists the entire drive home!

Shortly after we got home we received a package in the mail from Disney and Hasbro!  Check out the unboxing video!  These toys and collectibles would make great stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts!

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