Play Like Anna and Elsa With The New Disney Frozen Garmin

Kennedy is always on the move. She takes a dance class, plays soccer, loves to play outside, help around the house and she is on her feet from the minute she wakes up until she lays her head on her pillow at night. Today Garmin and Disney released the vívofit jr. 2 Frozen activity tracker for kids. Kennedy has the Disney Frozen Anna themed band. The mobile app adventures are so fun! This exciting collaboration leverages kids’ favorite Frozen characters, encouraging children to be active, and ultimately shaping habits for lifelong health and fitness. Kennedy loves beating her activity minute goals to unlock app adventures.  Click here for Frozen 2 activity and coloring pages.

It's stylish and strong. Kennedy can show off her Frozen 2 style and rock this durable tracker everywhere from recess to soccer, during bath time, and even to bed.

It is about making fitness fun for all kids and showing them the joy of leading an active lifestyle. Designed for comfort and 24/7 wearability, this swim/shower friendly activity tracker features a customizable color screen and a 1+ year battery life.  The always on color screen shows the time, date, and even reminds kids to stay active with a move bar. In addition to tracking steps and sleep, the device measures active minutes, inspiring kids to meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity.

From the app, I can view Kennedy's daily activities and even assign chores, which show up as icons on the device, perfect for a kid who needs reminders. For kids who tend to procrastinate, schedule alerts can be set up to nudge them to finish their homework or brush their teeth. Kids can use the task timer on the device so that they know how long they have left for each chore. The app allows for multiple profiles, so parents and siblings with compatible Garmin devices can also have their steps listed on the step leader board, promoting healthy competition for the whole family.  This would make the perfect holiday gift or birthday gift for any little girl or boy!

We give Kennedy simple chores like making her bed, helping set the table, and putting her clothes away in her dresser drawers.  She gets rewards by doing her chores with her Garmin band and she loves it.

I love that we can track all of Kennedy's activities and chores and watch the adventures unfold!  Every day Kennedy can have more to explore when she reaches her daily 60-minute activity goals. With me as her helper, Kennedy can go ice skating with Anna and Elsa, escape an avalanche with Olaf and travel to far-off frozen lands to locate the source of a mysterious voice. The more Kennedy meets her activity goals, the more of the story she will get to see.

The mobile app isn’t just for the kids to enjoy. Parents can view activity, responsibilities, sleep, chore data and more after syncing with compatible devices. Invite the whole family to compete in a daily step challenge, assign tasks and chores, designate a reward virtual coin value and find out how many coins each child has. Those in-app coins can be redeemed by your kiddos for agreed-upon rewards. It’s all controlled right from your device.

Kennedy loves playing this tap challenge game. Meeting her daily activity goals gives Kennedy more chances to race against the clock while playing the tap challenge game. She can also collect gems she can use to reveal new portions of the adventure map.

Garmin also has different Disney princesses bands, Star Wars bands, Marvel bands and more.  Make sure you check them all out here.  These would make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift this holiday season.

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