Update On Kennedy

It has been 5 months since Kennedy had surgery for the second time on her small intestines. I have been meaning to write this blog post and update everyone on her progress, but the days just slip through my fingers sometimes. You can click here to read about her first surgery and click here to read about her second surgery. Overall, Kennedy is doing exceptionally well and we are beyond proud of all of her accomplishments and I wanted brag a little bit about my baby girl today on the blog.

Since her surgery, Kennedy has had monthly checkups with a specialist at Valley Children's. She is seeing an amazing doctor that is the head of the GI department. I hope by seeing a specialist regularly, having stool samples tested (this just makes sure she is getting the nutrients she needs through her intestines and everything is going through her small intestines smoothly), having her blood drawn, and giving her MiraLAX daily, that we taking all the right precautions so this never happens again. But really we will never know and her small intestines could twist again at any time. We just pray daily that it won't ever happen again. I know I have shared before, but you can't live without your small intestines and Kennedy is down to a small amount so she needs to stay healthy and grow and let her small intestines grow too. Small intestines grow at a very slow pace. Otherwise at the moment her health is great and she is very active and acts like every other 5 year old little girl. She just has two very long deep scars on her stomach that she will have to live with forever.

Kennedy finished her last year of preschool in May. If you live in my town and are looking for a preschool I highly recommend Shining Star. It is the best preschool with the most loving and amazing staff. I cannot say enough great things about this school. I love where it is located, the classrooms are so cute, the decor, everything they stand for, and it is just the best. It was beyond hard to say goodbye to Kennedy's two teachers. Miss Meredith and Miss Debbie had Carter both years he attended Shining Star before he headed to kindergarten and they also taught Kennedy too. Miss Meredith and Miss Debbie had become like family and I seriously love them so much. They loved my children like their own and I trusted them with Carter and Kennedy. If you know me personally, you know how hard it is for me to leave my kids with anyone else. I know, I am crazy.

Her best friend Isabella

Also at the end of May she celebrated her 5th birthday in Hawaii.  We had a great time and I can't believe she is 5 already and headed to kindergarten in literally in 26 days.  I will be bawling my eyes out that first day of school.

This was also a BIG year for Kennedy.  She got to get her nails and toes painted for the first time ever.

Kennedy had been begging for over a year to take a dance class, so last August I signed her up for a tap/ballet class and to say she loved it is an understatement. She had the best time, she had the sweetest girls in her class, and their mamas were just as nice too. It was so good for both of us. I never thought I would be a dance mom and seeing Kennedy remember a dance routine and come out of her shell and look forward to something every Tuesday was very exciting. In February when she had surgery we were informed that she could not play, dance, or go to school or do anything physical for about 4-6 weeks. So she and I stayed home, colored a lot, watched TV and just hung out. She returned to school after a month, but could not play on the playground and her best friend Isabella would sit with her every single day and keep Kennedy company. Isabella would not play and just sit with Kennedy. To me, that is a true best friend. I thank GOD everyday for Isabella and putting her in Kennedy's life when she needed a friend like that. When Kennedy could finally return to dance in the Spring, we explained to her that she missed a lot of classes and asked if she wanted to continue her class or be part of the recital. She answered yes to both. So we started our weekly class again and she rocked it at her recital in June. She was so cute up there and I was so proud of her. It takes a lot of courage to get on that stage with all those people watching you when you only got to practice once on the big stage the morning before the recital that evening. She is already asking when dance class will start again, so we probably doing it again in the fall. We will see with our schedules.

Kennedy took swim lessons this summer and did exceptionally well and almost everyday we swim in our pool and she is doing so good and becoming such a strong swimmer. Every morning she has school work to do. It is just a packet to prepare her for kindergarten that I made up. She seriously does it 7 days a week. It is 12 pages. I am so proud of her determination and accomplishments. She loves everything on Disney Junior and her favorite thing right now is Barbie. She is the sweetest little girl and my very best friend. I just wanted to take the time to update you on our baby girl, since so many of you ask and I appreciate it so much. Please just continue to keep her in your prayers.