Valentine's Day School Ideas For Every Student

Every year I share fun Valentine's Day class party ideas, so here we go again. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and class parties will be coming up. I remember growing up I loved going to the store, picking out a box of character Valentines, writing my name along with a little note on the back, and handing them out to everyone in my class. I feel like Valentine's Day is now a big production in school. Children do not just hand out little Valentine's Day cards any more. It seems like everyone has a treat to go with their Valentines and the more thought out and cooler the treat the better. So here are some easy, very reasonable, and adorable Valentine's Day ideas for your childrens' class parties coming up.

Carter is into Pokemon right now, so he picked out Pokemon cards and at our local Target we found Pokemon fruit flavored gummy snacks. All kids seem to love fruit snacks and I think it is a healthier alternative to candy or sweets. Kennedy picked out Fancy Nancy cards and we bought heart shaped gummy snacks to attach to her cards. They will be stupendous!

I always find packages of glow sticks in the dollar section at Target or a dollar store. Tape one glow stick on the back of these adorable tags and you are set. Click here for the heart tag and click here for the light bulb tag.  Click here to print these tags and add an adorable pencil. Every child always needs a new pencil during the school year! Plus, you can buy pencils and glow sticks in bulk.

Valentine fruit gift tags. Print out the tags and in a clear bag add an orange or apple. Kids will get enough sweets and candy, so why not give them something nutritious instead? You can also buy clementines instead of oranges, or sliced apples that come in individual bags instead of one whole apple.

You can purchase packages of Playdoh in bulk at Target or you might even get lucky and find them at the dollar store! Click here for the Playdoh tag.  I purchase crayons at the dollar store and you can click here for the You color my world tag.  With this blow me a kiss tag you could attach bubbles, a bubble wand, or bubble gum. Click here for the tag.

Click here for Got my eyes on you Valentine tag.  Add a cute pair of heart shaped sunglasses and you're done! You can usually find these sunglasses at a Dollar Store around V-Day.  Click here for Bursting with happiness tags. Just purchase some Starbursts and attach them with the tags and you're done. You can either give a whole package of Starbursts and attach the note or put a few in a plastic bag with the note attached.

Every kid loves goldfish. Who am I kidding, I still eat them all the time! Click here for this adorable tag and just add some single packages of goldfish.  Click here for the Lego tags. They are so cute! You could buy a large package of legos, divide them by the number of kids in the class, and put them in little bags with this cute tag attached. All kids love Legos.

These next few that I am going to share are from Just Add Confetti and she is amazing and you can print them for FREE online.

I love these mermaid valentines and you can click here for the free printable and all you need is lip kazoos!

Llama printable here, fries printable here, sloth printable here, lava printable here

Robot printable here

Here are some teacher/staff Valentine's Day gift ideas! 

I found these tins in the dollar section at Target and I filled them with candy and wrapped them to give to the teachers and staff at Carter and Kennedy's school.  You can find the religious tags here.

I found the brownie mix at the grocery store and the spatula at the Dollar Store and you can print the tag here.

These are just a few ideas I wanted to share. You can find all these ideas and more on my Pinterest. I hope everyone has a fantastic month and a great non-stressful Valentine's Day! I know how it can be for stay at home and working parents. It is never easy to work, make lunches, keep the house clean, review homework, cook meals, and worry that your child has the coolest Valentines for the class party, so hopefully I helped some of you with these ideas!

Make sure you print this activity page for your class or kids to do at home.

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