Staying Cozy And Spending Quality Time With Kennedy

Lately, I have been gravitating towards all the cozy clothes in my closet. There’s something that makes lounging around the house feel so fantastic when you love your outfit and you feel comfortable.  When I’m wearing cute cozy clothes, I don’t feel as guilty lounging in them later than I would like to admit.  Kennedy will be starting kindergarten this fall and it's incredible how fast time has gone since she was born.  I can't believe she will be 5 in just a few months!  Today I am sharing how I spend quality time with her and how I am preparing her for kindergarten.

Scheduling one on one time with each child can be difficult, but I feel that it is so important.  I try really hard to have quality time with Kennedy on Tuesdays and Thursdays when Carter is at school and she is home those two days with me.  On Tuesday mornings Kennedy has dance and we usually go to lunch after dance and talk.  We read books and play board games at home.  She also loves to go to Target.  She will be heading to Kindergarten this August, so we have been doing a school lesson at home everyday.  We practice the letters in the alphabet, her numbers 1-100, our home address, home phone number, my cell phone number, daddy's cell phone number, her birthday, her full name (and she has to spell it), her body parts, shapes, colors, and more.  I really try to cherish these moments because time is a thief.  She will be at school next year all day with Carter, so getting one on one time will be much more difficult.

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Cozys_ can be found on FB, IG, and Twitter