Today We Celebrate Moms

Today we celebrate every mother because being a mom is something you have to work at everyday.  It is all about the brief moments and the small actions.  The little trials, the big triumphs, the shared joys, the sacrifices, and all the laughter.  It is all that you are made of, all that you do and give and it means so much every single minute of every single day.  Being a mom is boundless affection mixed with kindness and care, comfort and joy and stories to share.  Sunny dreams of the future.  Hard work and delight.  Sprinklings of silliness, celebrations and fun.  Laughing through chaos and getting stuff done.  Mishaps made better with support and strength and full hearted hugs from two loving arms.  Grace under pressure and knows how to calm.  Patience with lots of encouragement too.  Watching time fly and a lot of sleepless nights.  Long heart to heart talks that set everything right.  Those magical words that show the right way.  All the minutes and hours spent soothing and wiping away tears.  So many small moments adding up through the years.  Dedication and guidance and above all lots and lots of love.  Happy Mother's Day to every mama out there.