Teacher Appreciation Gifts Any Teacher Will Love

National Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th, but at Carter's school we celebrate for a whole week (April 30th through May 4th). Carter's teacher and aides are amazing and as room mom I knew I wanted to spoil them and make them feel extra special all week long. Plus, I have been a substitute teacher for 8 years and a lot of my friends are teachers and I know what they want and don't want when it comes to gifts. No teacher expects any gifts, but it is so nice to make them feel extra special and tell them thank you for tying my child's shoes a million times each day, helping them wipe or blow their nose, listen to their stories, help them put jackets on and off, help them open packages from their lunch, and so much more. The list goes on and on that a teacher does all day long and in Carter's class there are 27 kids, so just imagine trying to teach and do all the little things for each student that you do at home for your own children. The work, love, energy and dedication of teachers holds such a special place in my heart.  Being a teacher is no joke. God bless all teachers, especially kindergarten teachers.

First of all, I personally think no school themed or apple gifts. No teacher collects apples. Find out what your teacher loves, where she shops, her favorite restaurant, favorite soda or drink. I made sure to do this at the very beginning of the year. I personally have known Carter's teacher for 8 years and we are friends, so I knew some things she would love and want. I also got to know the aides in the class and it makes buying gifts through the year so much easier.

Here are the gifts that I planned with the help of Carter's entire class. I think everything turned out so cute. You can follow my Pinterest board that shows all of these ideas and more. I also brought lunch every day this week to Carter's teacher and aides. They had La Bou, Chipotle, Deli Delicious, and The Habit.

Monday: We gave flowers, cookies from Flour Fog Bakery, a book for Mrs. Landon (I had each student answer questions about Mrs. Landon and draw her) and we also gave cards.

Flour Fog Bakery can be found here

You can find the flower printable here

You can find the Thank You For Being a Great Teacher printable here

Tuesday: Starbucks gift cards.  You can find the coffee printable here.

 Wednesday: Target gift cards.  You can find the Target printable here

 Thursday: Casa Corona gift cards (yes, I made each of those tacos)  You can find the taco printable here


Friday: Lottery tickets and Carter's teacher got a scrip gift certificate to pick out whatever gift cards she would like from the school office.  I also had all the kids help make her this adorable bee finger print framed gift.  You can find the lotto printables here and here.  You can find the bee printable here.

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