What To Pack For Kids When You Travel

We travel a lot. Whether it's to Disneyland, the beach house in Aptos, or to Hawaii, I know how to keep Carter and Kennedy content and happy for hours. Packing for all four of us is no easy task.  I am constantly juggling lists, clothes, toys, activities, and more.  I wanted to share what I pack for the kids and hopefully it will help you on your next trip, especially with summer coming up.  I am sure everyone is planning some sort of vacation or two.

Snacks: These are a total must! I always make the kids pb&j sandwiches, pretzels, goldfish, gummy snacks, grapes, etc. My kids only drink water, so I make sure we pack their Thermos cups and always a couple extra water bottles.

Coloring/activity books: I always buy the kids a new coloring book or activity book when we travel and they each get a new set of crayons. They look forward to seeing what new book I bought them and both of them enjoy coloring and doing activities, so these books are always fun. Sometimes they include stickers, which the kids love too.

Playdoh: I pack playdoh and a couple playdoh tools for the kids. They love playdoh and could spend hours playing with it.

Headphones: This is especially important on planes. We have headphones from Lilgadgets. I partnered with Lilgadgets in 2016 and these headphones are amazing and still work so well. I would highly recommend them.

iPads: Duh! Carter and Kennedy each have their own iPad mini with 128 GB of storage. They have every movie, TV show, and every app you could imagine. They love them and of course these keep them busy for hours in the car and plane. Right now they are into the Muppet Babies on Disney Junior, so each week I download the new episode on their iPads and they love it and it is something new to look forward to when we are in the car.

Wikki Stix: You can find these online or at any teacher supply store. My kids love to create with these wax sticks and they are re-usable. 

Backpacks: I like Carter and Kennedy to each have their own backpack with their own items, toys, and snacks. That way they can get whatever they want out of their own backpack and they are in charge of it. I think it also teaches them responsibility.

Travel trays: This tray makes snacking, eating & playing easy. It has mesh side storage pockets to keep crayons, paper & books right where the kids can reach too.

I hope this information helps.  I would love to hear what you pack for your kids when you travel.

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