Keeping Up With The Patricios

I can't believe it is December 1st! Where do the days and months go?! It is has been so long since I have done Friday favorites and my list of favorites is getting so long, but I wanted to update you on our November and what the Patricios have been doing.  My first blog that I started in 2008 was called Keeping Up With The Patricios and we have just been so busy I thought tonight's blog post should be titled the same. 

This year we had a quiet Thanksgiving at home and it was so nice. We stayed in our PJ's all day and night, ate all day and night, and as soon as we finished our Thanksgiving feast, we started decorating for Christmas. I could not have asked for a better day.  I am so proud of myself and Blake.  We made a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, cranberry, rolls, and a spinach salad.  I had a little advice and help from my sister and I really appreciated it.  Everything was delicious.

Anthropolgie opened in Fig Garden Village and I was invited to the soft opening. It was amazing. There was delicious food, drinks, a cute photo booth area, and 25% off of everything. I brought two of besties and we had a wonderful night.

After the Anthropologie soft opening Sophie and I decided last minute to buy tickets and see Bruno Mars who was in town that night. I love him and it was a great show!

Recently I did a big campaign with Bed Bath & Beyond. It might be my biggest campaign yet and they featured me on their IG stories. I feel so very honored and grateful that I get to work with and blog about companies that I love and also get paid to do it. Thank you to each and every one of you who reads my blog and shows support!  I really really do appreciate it.  You can read the blog post here.

You must be living under a rock if you have not heard about Hearth and Hand with Magnolia at Target. My besties and I went right at 8am to our largest Target and bought everything! 

We took the kids to Disney on Ice! We loved it. You can read all about it here.

Carter had a Thanksgiving play and he was a pilgrim. He did an excellent job and looked so cute! He also had a Thanksgiving feast in his class and I decorated for the entire party and had a few moms help with the food and drinks. 

The table setting came from Oriental Trading Company.

We saw the movies The Star and CoCo and both are just amazing! I cried in both movies and we just loved them!

The kids made these adorable turkeys. It was so much fun!

We have been playing in the leaves outside.

Carter was student of the month for November and was also chosen to be student teacher.  We are just so very proud of him.