The Color Factory in San Francisco

Color Factory is a pop-up in downtown San Francisco. You have to purchase advance tickets online. We purchased tickets for 11:30 am on Monday. We drove up that morning and found a parking garage literally around the corner. It was very convenient. From the moment we saw the colorful striped building we were all so excited.  Color Factory is a series of rooms over two floors (it is 12,000 square feet total).   There are over 15 exhibits to see.  Each room is dedicated to a color and a full on experience! So get ready for some fun and don't forget your camera!

When you see a rainbow road, always proceed!

I went with my mother in law, both sister in laws, and all 7 kids (Yale stayed home sick). The kids range in age from two to ten and there was something for everyone. We all loved it. All of us have been to the Museum of Ice Cream in LA as well and some of us liked Color Factory better and some liked the Museum of Ice Cream better. I might have liked the Museum of Ice Cream better, but both are totally worth visiting. You can read my blog post about the Museum of Ice Cream here. Also the Museum of Ice Cream is coming to SF, so plan a weekend and you could see both pop-up places!

This is a 30 ft plaid mural

Scratch and sniff some colorful memories in this room

Color Factory is very casual. You can wear whatever you want, but make sure you wear a pop of color for some great pictures! I think it took us a little over an hour to walk the entire Color Factory. We definitely took our time in each room and took pictures. I loved how you could spend as much time as you wanted in each room and I never felt rushed to leave or move to the next room. Also, if you wanted to go back to a previous room you could totally do that.  Color Factory was much more relaxed and laid back than the Museum of Ice Cream in LA.

You can also pick up a macaroon in this room

The black and white laboratory

The orange room

The balloon bath room

Disco fever room

The giant light bright room

This marker was 5 ft long.  In this room it is a huge black and white mural and you can color with green markers.  It's inspired by all things green.

He wrote his name

 This ribbon room has over 10,000 colored ribbons.


The confetti room was one of our favorites

The selfie room.  Take a picture of yourself and it prints out and you leave it in the room on the ground.

This is a place to sit, take a deep breath and soak in all the colors

 The giant ball pit was a favorite of all!

They serve you vanilla or banana ice cream

The bathrooms were hilarious.  They had whoopee cushions as decor or framed "potty jokes".  The bathrooms were all pink.  They were great.

At the end of Color Factory you can pick up a map to guide you through nearby neighborhoods where 17 hidden additional colorful surprises, secret menu items, and vibrant murals can be found.  I can't wait to come one weekend soon and find all these places on the map.  So make sure you grab a map!

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