How To Make Garland Beads


I have been wanting to purchase some of these garland beads for a while now, but I never have. Just recently a blogger that I follow, Monic Sutter - author of Simply Sutter, shared how you can make these garland beads yourself. You can view her blog post here, but you should follow her on IG, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and read her blog. She has great style, she is super sweet, and she shares home decor plus fashion and I love it all. She was recently in People Style Watch Magazine as well. She is doing big things and I am so happy we have met and have become friends online.

I think my garland beads turned out pretty good.  I picked up the 25mm rounds beads at Joanns Fabrics.  They come with 19 in a bag and I bought two bags and used them all.  The bigger balls I found at Michaels, six came in a bag and they were 1.5 inches.  Blake did have to drill a hole through the middle of the big balls.  They did not have a hole so I could slide my soft jute cord through.  You will also need soft jute cord and I found it at Joanns.  You can basically find everything you need at Joanns or Michaels and if you have coupons this fun DIY project should really not cost that much.  I spent less than twenty dollars.  Thank you Monic Sutter for sharing this DIY project!

This is the soft Jute Cord

25 mm round beads

1.5 inch round balls

Right now I have them on the coffee table, but the options are endless.  Monic Sutter from Simply Sutter shares a couple other ways you can style them in your home and you can see that here.

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