#IMOMSOHARD Mom's Night Out Summer Break Tour

Thursday night I went to see Mom's Night Out Summer Break Tour with my friend Sophie (she was actually the first person to tell me about imomsohard). This was their fourth live show on the tour. It was so much fun. Kristin and Jen are just hilarious. I have watched every single one of their videos on YouTube and they had me laughing all night (my cheeks seriously hurt). I love that they are two moms with husbands, children, pets and they just keep it real! I love their honestly, humor, and how you can relate to both of them. The show started around 8:10pm and Kristin and Jen came on to the stage dancing to Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake. You would have thought JT was actually on stage performing the way the crowd went wild, screaming, and clapping. The stage was simple with two chairs, a table, and a big screen that played some of their videos and showed some pictures above them. Kristin and Jen are so witty. I love how they interacted with the crowd, answered questions, and shared everything with the audience. They laid it all out there! I think my favorite moment in the show is that Kristin and Jen remind every woman in the audience that there is no such thing as a perfect mom. Their raw humor and discussions about motherhood, husbands, body issues, and so much more is what I love about them. It is important to laugh at yourself and find friends and other moms you can relate to.  It was a great night.  I left there feeling happy and confident that I am doing the best job I can and that I am not alone.

There were several bars in the auditorium, snacks, souvenir stands with tanks, sweatshirts, aprons and more that said imomsohard. They had an adorable photo booth stand with photo props for pictures. It was just a great night. I was honored to be invited by Mom's Night Out Summer Break Tour. Thank you so much. If the tour is coming to your area, it is a must. You will laugh until you cry, or possibly even pee your pants! 

Imomsohard can be found on IG, FB, Twitter, and YouTube

You can click here to see if Mom's Night Out Summer Break Tour is coming near you!

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